August 4, 2012

I went to Westhampton NY with my best friends.  It was Kimmy’s 50th birthday, so we decided to have a little slumber party. We had so much fun and the rainy weather, turned to sun  the next day. Perfect. We enjoyed lobster rolls and french fries and wine on the beach. ( I’m starting my diet in 2 days. I didn’t think it was appropriate to starve myself on my friends birthday)

We went to a great resteraunt the night before and on the way home I nearly ran over a jogger and 2 wayward deer. Honestly! Thank god I wasn’t drinking. The stupid jogger ran in front of my car wearing BLACK!!!!!!! Say what !   The deer were also a surprise as I by accident drove into the driveway of the police station( it was really dark  and it was an exit off the roundabout.) and 2 deer burst through the bushes and scared the crap out of me. Which led to a outbursts of my own .Involving some choice words about effing joggers and wayward deer…. To gafawing laughter from my passengers in the car. Good job the police didn’t come out. They never would have believed me that I wasn’t drinking.

We did sing the song from the hangover a few times We are the 4 best frinds that anybody could ever have,  that Alan sang. It seemed perfect.

Happy Birthday Kimmy

I made this as her card… She works for Aflac

Dragon Face????

seagull flying away from me with his crab dinner.

Illustration Friday – Carry

July 22, 2012

Here’s my post for this week’s Illustration Friday post. I’m still getting used to the new format, although it looks great.

This is one of a set of monkeys I made. This was the first one, he’s a sweet little monkey carrying his favourite sock monkey and his blankie, I thnk it’s bed time.


Here’s another one. ( This one’s my favourite)


Visiting Day at Camp

July 21, 2012

Last week was visiting day at my boys summer camp. Jack is a councillor in training. He teaches hockey And Harry is a camper. They’re both having fun. Thanks goodness. So on visiting day, it’s my job to bring up lots of food. Cup noodles, candy, cookies etc. my husband always complains that I bring too much. But too bad- I say. Too bad.
We had a great day. Both seems to have grown. Especially Jack who now seems to tower over my husband.
So today I get a picture from jack after a text saying he’s going to wear a helmet now for hockey. Well considering he plays travel hockey all year I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing one anyway. And then he sent us the picture of his face. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and got tripped. Poor jack.
Oh and Harry also asked me to send up his electronic card dealer!!!!! And poker chips. Oh dear. I’m not sure they’re even allowed, but I agreed to send them up with my in-laws for grandparents day.



Illustration friday

June 21, 2012

Illustration Friday is The Secret……

Play that funky music….

What’s the secret to getting a robot to dance?  Play that funky music…



New art

May 17, 2012


Where have I been. I don’t know. Hopefully I’m back now.
Meanwhile I decided to just add this post and not spend time on a “coming back post”. Incase I just keep putting it off ( as I have been ) I’m using my WordPress app on my phone. So hard. I think I just posted this without words or a title. So hopefully I am updating it now. Either the app has always been this hard or I’m useless.

This is one piece of art I finally finished. It’s been sitting there for at least 2 months. But I think it’s finished …. Maybe…… I have a great idea for Illustration Friday. The hitched one. Of course I’m late. I may post it anyway. Stay tuned.

Artfest Trades 2012

March 26, 2012

I am so excited to  be going to my 2nd Artfest. Of course I’m last minute Lucy again. I have made a bunch of mermaids and flying pigs. I really had a hard time thinking of what to do, and of course it  always ends up taking u more time than I though! Whats new?

So I have been totally into painting mermaids( as always) and I still love flying pigs… So it took me forever to figureout what to do. I saw this tutorial on Pinterest … I love pinterest and decided to tweak it.

just a few mermaids

closer look

and of course some flying pigs

I’ve just got back from seeing the Hunger Games with my kids…. I know on a school night too. We loved it. She was fantastic. ( Harry and I read the books ) I’m off to finish packing my art supplies…. now. I know I’ll be up all night! Oh well, I’ll sleep on the plane….

The Sketchbook Project 2012

January 30, 2012

Well, I finally finished my sketchbook. The deadline for posting is january 31st… and I posted it today. One whole day early. Which is Huge for me.

I had no idea what to do. This was my first time participating.

I have a hard time committing to art journals and sketchbooks, so silly. I always tend to rip the pages out, and hate to do anything on the first page or two. weird. Well most of the time I have doodles on scraps of paper or my absolute favourite; yellow post it notes. I’m often drawing on them at work when I’m on long phone calls. So I decided to put them all in the sketch book. My obsession right now seems to be mermaids. So it’s chock full of them.

Post it notes Galore!!!!

getting the Sketchbook ready

And now for a short video of the final pages..

New Year…

January 7, 2012

It’s a new year. Technically we are a week in….  but still it’s a new year, of possibilities and dreams and goals…. the whole year is stretching before us, and there’s time for everything.  That’s how I always feel at this time.

I WILL not let this year slip away. There is plenty of time and I have plenty of goals. Some I don’t want to tell people because they might think I’m silly, but they involve fitness, health, family  and my art and blog. Just for a start. There’s so much I want to do.

We were away for Christmas vacation in Mexico, and had a great time. My daughter didn’t come for the first time ever … She had to work. Bleugh!!!!!!

I missed her!  She stayed home with the doggies which was perfect because Blue got sick. Poor Blue,  Jess really stepped up to the plate. She stayed awake with her at night and took her to the vets. Luckily it was just a few days before we came home.

But Blue has some kidney issues. She was in pain and apparently she has at least 65% kidney failure. She is still amazingly peppy and energetic considering she’s 14. You would never guess how old she is.

So we have changed her diet and we are hoping for the best. My family was freaking out for a bit about what this would mean. But thankfully we do not have to go there, quite yet.

It’s so sad, because I have always had a houseful of animals growing up and our dogs have got older and have reached the end of their lives at some point or another. I realize my kids and husband will be experiencing losing a loved member of the family for the first time. Apart from losing my mother ( I was devastated, but my boys were not born and Jess was 5.) They have never experienced loss. and pets are truly loved, irreplaceable members of the family. But I really am jumping the gun. I shouldn’t think like that. She is doing great.

Last summer I mentioned that she seemed confused and disoriented. We gave her prevagen which is a jellyfish supplement that they give to people with dementia.  We actually saw a huge improvement. She remembered how to get into the garbage again.( darn it ) Someone must have read the blog and were kind enough to send me  Neutricks. The dog’s version. It’s great, we give it to her once a day. She definitely seemed to be more herself and smart again.  I recommend it to anyone who has an older dog that seems to be a confused.

This helped Blue a lot.

Anyway sorry to bring a sad note to the new year!

I have some new art, although I have shown it  before in the  “almost done stage,” so I feel not much has changed. It’s hard to know when a painting is done. Sometimes I have to leave it and just keep looking at it until the right thing comes to mind.

I really have to send  my sketchbook project in, before the end of the month. So really in the next few days. The problem is that most of my little drawings are on post it notes. The best invention ever!

I always have the pads near me. I have post it reminders on my dash-board of my car, everywhere. Maybe I should take a jellyfish supplement. It drives my husband nuts.  So I always do lots of doodling on them. I have so many that I decided I would somehow modpodge them into my sketch book.

Post it notes doodles...

Illustration friday- Separate

December 14, 2011

Here’s my offering for IF this week. I cant remember when I  last managed to do one in a timely fashion.

Here’s a mermaid and her octopus friend. I think his legs are somewhat tangled and he needs help to separate him. That’s what his best mermaid friend is there for.

I think Octopus needs help separating his legs......

I don’t think anyone should count too carefully. I definitely got confused as I was painting the legs. There may or may not be 8…..

Not finished yet... his boat is called the sea monkey( or it will be)

pictures are a bit blurry darn it

not finished either

This is some artwork I’ve been working on….. I have lots of stuff to do  like buy, wrap, mail packages to England….. Oh my!!!    and I’m off to mexico next week. Im going Cancun with the family. I can’t wait….









New flying Piggies

December 7, 2011

Well as busy and distant as I’ve been, I have at least been trying to do some art. I have finally listed my new flying pigs canvases. Here they are…..

Fly Piggy Fly

When pigs fly

I have been working out at least an hour a day. Well most days anyway. I’m off to Cancun in 2 weeks and the pressure is on. Well it’s been on for a while. This is the longest I have ever managed to continue to work out for.
The problem is I haven’t seen much difference ( if any) on the scale. But I have taken photos at day 1 and day 30 and Now I’m technically at day 49 because I’ve missed a few days . and I DO see a difference in the photos, so I’m forcing myself to stay with the program darn it!!!!

I could post them……. but I just can’t. Maybe I will at day 90 or so, when I’m absolutely ripped or something.