Artfest Trades 2012

I am so excited to  be going to my 2nd Artfest. Of course I’m last minute Lucy again. I have made a bunch of mermaids and flying pigs. I really had a hard time thinking of what to do, and of course it  always ends up taking u more time than I though! Whats new?

So I have been totally into painting mermaids( as always) and I still love flying pigs… So it took me forever to figureout what to do. I saw this tutorial on Pinterest … I love pinterest and decided to tweak it.

just a few mermaids

closer look

and of course some flying pigs

I’ve just got back from seeing the Hunger Games with my kids…. I know on a school night too. We loved it. She was fantastic. ( Harry and I read the books ) I’m off to finish packing my art supplies…. now. I know I’ll be up all night! Oh well, I’ll sleep on the plane….

3 Responses to “Artfest Trades 2012”

  1. Michele Says:

    Love your mermaids and Fying pigs! Great Trades – hope to see you at Artfest!

  2. Pam Spreen McKnight Says:

    pretty cool! see you at ArtFest!

  3. spindelmaker Says:

    Thank you so much for the little mermaid. She´s wonderful! 🙂

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