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Visiting Day at Camp

July 21, 2012

Last week was visiting day at my boys summer camp. Jack is a councillor in training. He teaches hockey And Harry is a camper. They’re both having fun. Thanks goodness. So on visiting day, it’s my job to bring up lots of food. Cup noodles, candy, cookies etc. my husband always complains that I bring too much. But too bad- I say. Too bad.
We had a great day. Both seems to have grown. Especially Jack who now seems to tower over my husband.
So today I get a picture from jack after a text saying he’s going to wear a helmet now for hockey. Well considering he plays travel hockey all year I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing one anyway. And then he sent us the picture of his face. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and got tripped. Poor jack.
Oh and Harry also asked me to send up his electronic card dealer!!!!! And poker chips. Oh dear. I’m not sure they’re even allowed, but I agreed to send them up with my in-laws for grandparents day.