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The Sketchbook Project 2012

January 30, 2012

Well, I finally finished my sketchbook. The deadline for posting is january 31st… and I posted it today. One whole day early. Which is Huge for me.

I had no idea what to do. This was my first time participating.

I have a hard time committing to art journals and sketchbooks, so silly. I always tend to rip the pages out, and hate to do anything on the first page or two. weird. Well most of the time I have doodles on scraps of paper or my absolute favourite; yellow post it notes. I’m often drawing on them at work when I’m on long phone calls. So I decided to put them all in the sketch book. My obsession right now seems to be mermaids. So it’s chock full of them.

Post it notes Galore!!!!

getting the Sketchbook ready

And now for a short video of the final pages..

New Year…

January 7, 2012

It’s a new year. Technically we are a week in….  but still it’s a new year, of possibilities and dreams and goals…. the whole year is stretching before us, and there’s time for everything.  That’s how I always feel at this time.

I WILL not let this year slip away. There is plenty of time and I have plenty of goals. Some I don’t want to tell people because they might think I’m silly, but they involve fitness, health, family  and my art and blog. Just for a start. There’s so much I want to do.

We were away for Christmas vacation in Mexico, and had a great time. My daughter didn’t come for the first time ever … She had to work. Bleugh!!!!!!

I missed her!  She stayed home with the doggies which was perfect because Blue got sick. Poor Blue,  Jess really stepped up to the plate. She stayed awake with her at night and took her to the vets. Luckily it was just a few days before we came home.

But Blue has some kidney issues. She was in pain and apparently she has at least 65% kidney failure. She is still amazingly peppy and energetic considering she’s 14. You would never guess how old she is.

So we have changed her diet and we are hoping for the best. My family was freaking out for a bit about what this would mean. But thankfully we do not have to go there, quite yet.

It’s so sad, because I have always had a houseful of animals growing up and our dogs have got older and have reached the end of their lives at some point or another. I realize my kids and husband will be experiencing losing a loved member of the family for the first time. Apart from losing my mother ( I was devastated, but my boys were not born and Jess was 5.) They have never experienced loss. and pets are truly loved, irreplaceable members of the family. But I really am jumping the gun. I shouldn’t think like that. She is doing great.

Last summer I mentioned that she seemed confused and disoriented. We gave her prevagen which is a jellyfish supplement that they give to people with dementia.  We actually saw a huge improvement. She remembered how to get into the garbage again.( darn it ) Someone must have read the blog and were kind enough to send me  Neutricks. The dog’s version. It’s great, we give it to her once a day. She definitely seemed to be more herself and smart again.  I recommend it to anyone who has an older dog that seems to be a confused.

This helped Blue a lot.

Anyway sorry to bring a sad note to the new year!

I have some new art, although I have shown it  before in the  “almost done stage,” so I feel not much has changed. It’s hard to know when a painting is done. Sometimes I have to leave it and just keep looking at it until the right thing comes to mind.

I really have to send  my sketchbook project in, before the end of the month. So really in the next few days. The problem is that most of my little drawings are on post it notes. The best invention ever!

I always have the pads near me. I have post it reminders on my dash-board of my car, everywhere. Maybe I should take a jellyfish supplement. It drives my husband nuts.  So I always do lots of doodling on them. I have so many that I decided I would somehow modpodge them into my sketch book.

Post it notes doodles...

Works in Progress

June 23, 2011

I made a quick video. I was totally experimenting with my son’s flip camera. I’m still not sure why I did it! I guess I’m practicing for when I finally make my little flying pig tutorial, which is coming soon, as I’m trying to figure it all out. You can see a picture below.

I was making a video of  a painting I’m making for 100 Illustrations,  they are looking for 100 favourite  foods and I got distracted and started showing some of the other work I’m working on right now….  You can see the food painting I’m working on. It’s soft-boiled egg and marmite soldiers, which are strips cut from toast spread with  butter and marmite. Yum! and served with nice cuppa ( English tea)

I love this photo and I've started a painting of these two sweet owls. You get a peek in the video

Flying piggies and an elephant tutorial coming soon.


I saw this sweet photo on a top picks website, it didn’t have any photo credits, so if it’s yours, I’m sorry, But I love it and wanted to share it.

Illustration Friday- Shadow

June 8, 2011

Here I am again posting my illustration  1 day before the new word. Oh well!!!!

This is a little owl family I made , not too long ago. They are definitely sitting in the shadows. I think they are waiting for something or just enjoying the summer’s night.

Sitting in the Shadows of the Moon

New Art Work

May 4, 2011

I’ve been busy, as I’m sure we all have. I watched the Royal Wedding. I took the day off work just to see it. It was wonderful. I love them both. It’s like a breath of fresh air to the Royals. She’s just so beautiful and elegant.

I’ve been taking a She Art class with Christy  Tomlinson. I love her, she’s so cute and her online class is great. This has also led me to the Brave Girls Club… I am quite busy right now. I should be in bed right now… yawn!!!! I will drag myself to bed in a minute. I’ll have to move Blue as she always sleeps in my spot. she won’t be happy as she thinks her rightful place is next to my husband. Jasper will snuggle up against my back or against my hubby.  He takes turns. Sweet.

A hippy girl and her dogs

     I did this in the She Art class.. but I was definitely influenced by Julie Nutting  as well.  I’m a big fan. I have learnt some great techniques in Christy”s class. I tried to add my own spin though, the dogs.

I also was inspired to paint another bike, painting. m not sure if I’ve finished yet and her’s a crow I’ve been working on…

Another bike .....

Ok I can’t get my post in order. I’m too tired to try. I have to go to bed. Its 1 am and I get up at 6….. G night.

I once saw a painting of a red crow wearing red shoes. for some reason that has always stayed with me.

Artfest Video part 1

April 23, 2011

I had so much fun at artfest. Thanks to Teesha, Tracy and their wonderful family.

Here’s is part 1 of my weekend of being annoying with my video camera…. I splt it up because it would be too long and I’m not sure if the blog can handle it.. So we’ll see.

If you find my voice annoying or do not enjoy the choice of music, turn the volume down baby!

And so , without further ado…. Artfest   part 1:

I think my eyesight is getting worse as I couldn’t always tell what was in focus as I filmed. Also In my finished video all of the names at the end showed and now it’s posted they don’t all seem to show. Hmm…. I’m new at this and I’m assuming theses are all annoying technical glitches. Darn it. (wish me luck for part 2)

Illustration Friday- bottled

April 12, 2011

mermaid in a bottle

Does she look sad? or sleepy? Maybe she’s sad because she’s caught in a bottle. I’m sure she’ll be put back in the sea soon.

This is  actually a series of paintings I’m working on. So I was very happy to see the IF word this week. Bottled.

I drew a mermaid in a bottle a while ago,(actually I have several, poor things)  but I couldn’t make up my mind what to do. (what’s new!!!) Watercolours , or mixed media.

I had scanned the mermaid into my computer  a while ago, so as my mixed media piece isn’t finished  I decided to digitally colour it in Corel painter  using my Wacom tablet. It was fun, it’s been a while since I’ve used it.

Back from Artfest

April 11, 2011

Oh I had the best time ever at Artfest. I had some fabulous roommates, Alysse and Heather. I met Dianne on the plane,  ( yes we were one of the 6 ladies that missed the shuttle) which was delayed.  I also met some people who’s blogs I have been following . So exciting. Kind of like meeting a mini celebrity. I met amazing people, and I loved my classes and my teachers, but more about that in a later post.

I am a little tired however, well, maybe more exhausted, and I didn’t even really have any late nights. But there was lots of ladies in pajamas hanging out going cool art things at night. I was blown away by people’s art journals.

I feel like  I have a tribe, and Artfest family now. Everyone was trading cool stuff they had made. You’ll see that in the video.

I videoed all 5 days, and I plan to make a video and post it here. So anyone who was there  can be reminded of the fun and anyone who didn’t go may be tempted to go next year. I’m going for sure.

In the meantime here are a few pictures I took with my phone


I got very excited every time i saw deer, and they were quite tame.




Daisies... I love them. I used to make daisy chains when I was a kid. But where I live they say they're weeds and there are none.

The deer were everywhere. I loved seeing them. This was a little family of 3.


There were also Daisy’s everywhere. They were closed in the morning and opened up as the day got warmer and sunnier. We had wonderful weather.

Here is a painting I did from Sunny Carvalho’s class: painting pretty girls. I didn’t finish it yet. But Sunny was really good at keeping us moving, and I will finish it. I had so much fun and used paints that were a little tricky.


Done with genesis oils.


I have to find the time to edit the video. I have  loads of footage,  but to be honest my eyesight is not what it used to be and it may be tons of blurry stuff.  I have a pair of purple leopard reading glasses that I need for close work now (Pah!) i tried to go back and forth with them but as I kept trying to focus it  I couldn’t really tell if it was or not. I’m getting old.


Lastly, one of my favourite thing about Seattle and I was fascinated with them were  the tiny little drive through coffee shacks. I think this is how Starbucks started. I could see them all over on the drive up to Port Townsend. One looked like it was in someone’s garden, like a lemonade stand.

A tiny little coffee shack.




Artfest Frenzy

April 3, 2011


mostly little piggies

mostly little piggies, waiting for paint and wings

So little time , so much to do…. oh my.


Seriously I am in the throes of making art trades, and I am switching from one to the other. Also as always happens no ideas at all and then once I start the ideas all come flowing and I keep on wanting to make something new. Well I’ll have a very eclectic group to trade I guess. If I ever finish anything. I also have some dog tags made.

some finished dog tags




wings for the flying pigs....


I may need to make more dog tags.

panic panic. I also have to worry about enough food for the family while I’m gone, arranging for Harry to have a sleep over on friday  because it’s David’s brother’s 40th birthday. Sorry I can’t be there. But I booked Artfest so long ago. My bruv-in-law said he understands though.

on a side note, I have to talk about as amazing teacher my son Jack has.  Jack does not really like school, never has and I hope that will eventually change.

But he has this  teacher, who is quite old school and  he loves and respects him. This teacher Mr Mahfouda, told Jack that if he got 100 on a test he would drink it. What’s that you say? What the heck does that mean? Well Jack did get a 100!!!!! Amazing.

Mr Mahfouda sent him to the cafeteria to get milk. He produced a blender and they proceeded to blend the test.  Then they drank it. Really! What a cool teacher. My younger son Harry said he saw a picture of it on Facebook  and everyone was holding up their phones. I’m assuming they were videotaping it and the man is now a legend amongst the 10th graders and Great Neck South High. I really do have to write a wonderful letter about him to the principal.

Here are some almost finished piggies….

And a few little canvas. Seriously I can’t commit to just one thing ever.

mini canvas's



piggies and an elephant


Spring is coming and work work work.

March 18, 2011

Spring is definitely on its way. I saw snowdrops the other day ( are they a little late?) It was 70 degrees today and I couldn’t really argue with Harry about a sweatshirt, and there’s a bug flying around my kitchen. Who left the screen door open?

I have been a little busy with work (bleugh) family and trying to do some trades for Artfest. I’ve started trying to run on the treadmill AGAIN. This time I’m determined to become  runner. I am! I’m back using that wonderful 5k app on my iPhone. I’m up to week 4 . Again!

As far as art goes I can never stay on track.  I have mermaid paintings waiting and I’ve had images of crows wearing red shoes whizzing through my head, among other things So I had to start painting crows too.

I have SO many different things on the go at once, that I wonder if I’ll ever finish anything.

crow, I have to paint in the shoes

some other stuff I started first

Here you can see some work I have been working on.

But I really need to make the trades. Time’s a-running-out.

You can see a paper clay flying pig I’m experimenting with, right now too.

Really I just can’t finish anything. It’s not that I lose interest, it’s that something else fills my head and I have  to get it down.

Anyway, my son Jack’s hockey team made states, They had their first game today and won!!! Go Edge! It was a very exciting game against the Buffalo Bisons. From Buffalo of course.

They also came second in the long Island championships last week. They seem to be ending Ice hockey on a high note. Yay!

Soccer  for Harry starts this weekend , so we have those games too now. Hockey should technically be over, unless you make the finals. I think with Lacrosse having started which is very intense, He has a little overload right now and sore knee’s.

I’ll be back with more work soon.

By the way I have been catching up on all my blogs that I love to read, and finding nw art blogs. there are so many cool blog put there. I save them all on google reader. I just haven’t had much time to comment.

it's drying then I'll sand and paint