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New art

May 17, 2012


Where have I been. I don’t know. Hopefully I’m back now.
Meanwhile I decided to just add this post and not spend time on a “coming back post”. Incase I just keep putting it off ( as I have been ) I’m using my WordPress app on my phone. So hard. I think I just posted this without words or a title. So hopefully I am updating it now. Either the app has always been this hard or I’m useless.

This is one piece of art I finally finished. It’s been sitting there for at least 2 months. But I think it’s finished …. Maybe…… I have a great idea for Illustration Friday. The hitched one. Of course I’m late. I may post it anyway. Stay tuned.

The Sketchbook Project 2012

January 30, 2012

Well, I finally finished my sketchbook. The deadline for posting is january 31st… and I posted it today. One whole day early. Which is Huge for me.

I had no idea what to do. This was my first time participating.

I have a hard time committing to art journals and sketchbooks, so silly. I always tend to rip the pages out, and hate to do anything on the first page or two. weird. Well most of the time I have doodles on scraps of paper or my absolute favourite; yellow post it notes. I’m often drawing on them at work when I’m on long phone calls. So I decided to put them all in the sketch book. My obsession right now seems to be mermaids. So it’s chock full of them.

Post it notes Galore!!!!

getting the Sketchbook ready

And now for a short video of the final pages..

How I painted a hot pink monkey…

October 3, 2011

A friend of mine has just had a baby.. and I was given the challenge of hot pink monkey artwork. I would have been ready, I swear but Charley decided to come at least 3 weeks early. I have had so many fun things in my head. I can’t seem to turn them off. I have to write down all of the ideas until they leave me alone. Usually because I can never commit to one idea. I have several paintings on the go. Monkey Pirate, Monkey Tutu, I also have cute little onesies I’m going to paint on. Where will I find the time?

I am a little behind and when I should have been working on the monkeys.. I found myself sketching a little dancing robot. I’m not sure where she came from, but I’m sure it had nothing to do with watching Dexter!

She was painted with watercolours and she's a little softer than the scan shows. Which I prefer.

I’ve been busy with the kids, back to school, Jack is driving and is making me taking him ALL the time. My poor gas tank needs constant filling up. Doesn’t he realize gas is expensive!!! He’s actually very good, and I’m loving the bonding time in the car together. Harry is playing school soccer  and we look forward to the new show Terra Nova on Mondays. yay tonight Woo Hoo. Jess just got promoted … well done Jess. Although she’ll have a commute .. about an hour in the car.. It’s a great thing…yay!!!!!

Anyway I took a movie ( sort of. I kept running out of memory card and battery ) of the monkey painting and I see myself painting Over and Over the same stuff!!!! I use all types of materials, pens, pencils, paints .. I didn’t use paper in this one. I have an idea for the next one with paper  though. I also see myself with a fistful of paintbrushes. At least you don’t see me dip my brush in coffee or tea…. I do that a lot! Anyway… I managed to paint the eyes finally… I just couldn’t bring myself to do that for a long time.  I still think there’s something missing.

By the way I just cannot figure out how to put the video in this post!!! Even though i’ve done it before . Hmphhhhh!

Here’s the video.. I’ve speeded it up , so hopefully it won’t be too long. I’m still working out the format and stuff. Lots to learn.

jasperandblue’s Channel – YouTube

Illustration Friday- Launch

June 21, 2011

Here’s my post for IF. Look how early I am, I usually just manage to get it in by the Thursday night deadline.

I have been busy getting my boys ready for camp. They are so excited to go. They leave this  coming Saturday. But their bags were picked up Saturday just gone. It was all I could think about. My living room was cluttered with their stuff. So messy. It still is as I haven’t been motivated to really clean. But I’ll get to it….. eventually. When I get my energy back.

So this week is all about doing fun stuff and Jack taking his regents exams.

Which means I didn’t have time to make a new IF so I’m using an older painting of mine. It’s of one of my flying pigs, and it’s called

“Fly Pig Fly”.  


This was one of my first flying pigs,  and maybe my favourite..  He’s so happy, and pleased with himself. Pleased as punch, I guess you could say, that he launched himself in to the air.!!!!!!!  See that , did you see how I used launch.


Don’t eat the Jalapenos…

June 13, 2011

I came home to this the other day. To be honest I thought my husband was getting back at me because I left a note on the grapes, saying Don’t eat, save for lunch tomorrow. There were only a few grapes left and I really didn’t want to go shopping for more grapes for the boy’s lunches.

So I saw this note.

Don't eat me!!!!

jalapeno are a new food for me. I really like them. Not in the same way as My husband who has either jalapeno or tabasco on everything. EVERYTHING!  Personally I think he’s burnt his taste buds off and needs spice on everything now. (well obviously not pancakes or stuff like that)

The reason was… here get closer and you can see  another picture. If you look closely you will see a maggot swimming in the jalapeno juice. Gross!


I’m not sure how anyone would ever find it. Except Jack was getting something out of the fridge and it was eye level and he saw the little bugger, I guess magnified by the glass. It was actually very  hard to capture with my camera…. Ewww it does make me shudder. I’m not  sure if I’ll continue my new love of jalapeno or not!

I don’t want to end on such a yucky note so here are some paintings I’ve just finished. Nothing to do with spicy anything.

Beach Days... I might add words.... I can never think of any though.

Really Pig? I know you can fly, but.......

New Art Work

May 4, 2011

I’ve been busy, as I’m sure we all have. I watched the Royal Wedding. I took the day off work just to see it. It was wonderful. I love them both. It’s like a breath of fresh air to the Royals. She’s just so beautiful and elegant.

I’ve been taking a She Art class with Christy  Tomlinson. I love her, she’s so cute and her online class is great. This has also led me to the Brave Girls Club… I am quite busy right now. I should be in bed right now… yawn!!!! I will drag myself to bed in a minute. I’ll have to move Blue as she always sleeps in my spot. she won’t be happy as she thinks her rightful place is next to my husband. Jasper will snuggle up against my back or against my hubby.  He takes turns. Sweet.

A hippy girl and her dogs

     I did this in the She Art class.. but I was definitely influenced by Julie Nutting  as well.  I’m a big fan. I have learnt some great techniques in Christy”s class. I tried to add my own spin though, the dogs.

I also was inspired to paint another bike, painting. m not sure if I’ve finished yet and her’s a crow I’ve been working on…

Another bike .....

Ok I can’t get my post in order. I’m too tired to try. I have to go to bed. Its 1 am and I get up at 6….. G night.

I once saw a painting of a red crow wearing red shoes. for some reason that has always stayed with me.

Artfest Video part 1

April 23, 2011

I had so much fun at artfest. Thanks to Teesha, Tracy and their wonderful family.

Here’s is part 1 of my weekend of being annoying with my video camera…. I splt it up because it would be too long and I’m not sure if the blog can handle it.. So we’ll see.

If you find my voice annoying or do not enjoy the choice of music, turn the volume down baby!

And so , without further ado…. Artfest   part 1:

I think my eyesight is getting worse as I couldn’t always tell what was in focus as I filmed. Also In my finished video all of the names at the end showed and now it’s posted they don’t all seem to show. Hmm…. I’m new at this and I’m assuming theses are all annoying technical glitches. Darn it. (wish me luck for part 2)

Artfest Frenzy

April 3, 2011


mostly little piggies

mostly little piggies, waiting for paint and wings

So little time , so much to do…. oh my.


Seriously I am in the throes of making art trades, and I am switching from one to the other. Also as always happens no ideas at all and then once I start the ideas all come flowing and I keep on wanting to make something new. Well I’ll have a very eclectic group to trade I guess. If I ever finish anything. I also have some dog tags made.

some finished dog tags




wings for the flying pigs....


I may need to make more dog tags.

panic panic. I also have to worry about enough food for the family while I’m gone, arranging for Harry to have a sleep over on friday  because it’s David’s brother’s 40th birthday. Sorry I can’t be there. But I booked Artfest so long ago. My bruv-in-law said he understands though.

on a side note, I have to talk about as amazing teacher my son Jack has.  Jack does not really like school, never has and I hope that will eventually change.

But he has this  teacher, who is quite old school and  he loves and respects him. This teacher Mr Mahfouda, told Jack that if he got 100 on a test he would drink it. What’s that you say? What the heck does that mean? Well Jack did get a 100!!!!! Amazing.

Mr Mahfouda sent him to the cafeteria to get milk. He produced a blender and they proceeded to blend the test.  Then they drank it. Really! What a cool teacher. My younger son Harry said he saw a picture of it on Facebook  and everyone was holding up their phones. I’m assuming they were videotaping it and the man is now a legend amongst the 10th graders and Great Neck South High. I really do have to write a wonderful letter about him to the principal.

Here are some almost finished piggies….

And a few little canvas. Seriously I can’t commit to just one thing ever.

mini canvas's



piggies and an elephant


Illustration Friday… a bit late.

March 24, 2011

Here’s my post for illustration friday. The theme is cultivate. Hmm the only thing I could think of was a boring: growing plants.

Hopefully I’ll be on top of this weeks theme.


Painted on an old page, a very old page.



Another week goes by, Bad day for the ref.

November 2, 2010

We had a very strange soccer game the past weekend. We have a coach who’s passionate about soccer , shall we say. He’s often in trouble with the ref. But this time I’m not even sure it was totally his fault.

He was yelling at the ref , the ref flashed  him the yellow card, and said something to the tune of , “One more word!!!”

At that coach smiled and the ref lost it. Maybe there was something sinister or sarcastic in that smile , I’m not sure. he gave the Coach a Red card and told him to leave, But then he’s throwing yellow cards around with abandon ; to the kids for questioning him. 3 kids to be precise, including Harry!!

He has already kicked off and replaced our linesman because he held the flag the wrong way.  As parents we are unaware of all that is going on except for a long delay. The coach does the walk of shame, and we wait.  One of the parent’s yells ( I know he shouldn’t have. He know’s he shouldn’t have) something about getting on with the game. As the ref turns and kicks him off the field too. As parents we are SO confused, well I am. Now we are watching both coach and parent leave the field. The ref is yelling something at the rest of us. ( I swear we are all confused and certainly not yelling back) Apparently he was yelling for us all to leave. Which we didn’t hear, the field is very large now the kids have turned 11 and he was far away. we are all looking to each other with confused looks, saying,”What’s going on,” What did he say.”

Well obviously the Ref was having a bad day, and he called the game because the parents, yes parent’s…. didn’t leave the field.

We have had games where our Coach was a Lunatic and as parents we have been embarrassed or laughed. But we don’t really have badly behaved parents. Now when my boys play hockey that’s a different story. Hockey parent’s are nuts.

I thought this video was short and so cute and funny… check it out . Oh Beyonce what have you done!!!!


Also to end on some of the pictures  that been swirling in my brain. I have SO many unfinished paintings. Then I get wisps of ideas and then move on leaving paintings and start something new. Sigh I need to focus, but that’s terribly boring. I am experimenting with chalk, India ink, water-colour crayons and pencils. I want a chalky type look. I can;t seem to stop drawing theses pesky characters. Pig of course is a flying pig, because anything is possible and he needed a friend.  They seem to have SO much to do… I mentioned before I have to make 52 4x fat book pages. My problem is I’m not very good at making them fat. I don’t like them much once I’ve embellished them . These 2 I haven’t embellished yet. Although I did use some moulding paste through a stencil in the red page.


Some Post it note characters and 2 4x4 fatbook pages.

Duck and Pig. They seem to be getting up to all manner of things and I just have to draw them.