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August 4, 2012

I went to Westhampton NY with my best friends.  It was Kimmy’s 50th birthday, so we decided to have a little slumber party. We had so much fun and the rainy weather, turned to sun  the next day. Perfect. We enjoyed lobster rolls and french fries and wine on the beach. ( I’m starting my diet in 2 days. I didn’t think it was appropriate to starve myself on my friends birthday)

We went to a great resteraunt the night before and on the way home I nearly ran over a jogger and 2 wayward deer. Honestly! Thank god I wasn’t drinking. The stupid jogger ran in front of my car wearing BLACK!!!!!!! Say what !   The deer were also a surprise as I by accident drove into the driveway of the police station( it was really dark  and it was an exit off the roundabout.) and 2 deer burst through the bushes and scared the crap out of me. Which led to a outbursts of my own .Involving some choice words about effing joggers and wayward deer…. To gafawing laughter from my passengers in the car. Good job the police didn’t come out. They never would have believed me that I wasn’t drinking.

We did sing the song from the hangover a few times We are the 4 best frinds that anybody could ever have,  that Alan sang. It seemed perfect.

Happy Birthday Kimmy

I made this as her card… She works for Aflac

Dragon Face????

seagull flying away from me with his crab dinner.

Banksy, Boobs, Earthquakes and Irene….

August 31, 2011

Wow, what a jam packed week its been. I have just got cable/TV/ and Internet Back. Woohoo. Not so lucky for some of my friends, who still don’t have electricity yet.

My brother was here from England visiting with his beautiful family, Wife – Karen and my niece – Chloe. I say niece, But she’s an absolute angel. That’s what I tell him when he complains about teenagey things. I have two of my own and one budding teenager…. so I should know.

Chloe and my brother. My husband says he looks so English!!!!

Well, They were here for the Earthquake which was so weird. I know anyone from California has had indigestion worse than that , but for us New Yorkers it was a little unsettling. Poor Chloe felt gypped because she didn’t feel it.

We also took a trip to the Hampton’s, and I have to say Pre – Irene  the waves were quite rough and a lot of fun.

Wow! look at those waves

They managed to make the last plane out of Newark airport in New Jersey before they shut the airport down. So they had quite a trip.

I loved how this turned out.. so funny


Also In the Hampton’s,  Banksy a street artist was having an Art show. Mainly to promote his movie,  Exit through the Gift Shop, which was released at Sundance.

Banksy is an elusive street Artist. Nobody knows what he looks like. His art is somewhat political and  anti- government. I love his art and I became a little obsessed on a trip back to the UK quite a few years back. He welcomes people to take photos of his art, but objects to making prints and selling it for profit. Fair enough.  His art pops up under the cover of darkness and if they find out who he is, they can technically arrest him. At the exhibition there were walls with his art that had been flown over. One even had the butcher shop tile on the back. I loved it.

Anyway… I went to the exhibition and I swear he was there. I’m sure it was him. I asked him if it was of course. He had a london accent and glasses so it HAD to be him… But I really think it was.

I'm sure it's Banksy

Harry and Banky's art

As for the boobs.. I had a mammogram today. I was shocked to find out my last one was 2005. I honestly thought I’d had one fairly recently.  So to everyone out there… don’t forget to get checked. Go get those boobs squeezed. I promised the doctor I would check monthly too… I  always forget to do that.
I’m still having internet problems so I’m ending now before it freezes on me again…. More photos next time.

Me and Hubby...Harry took this picture, good job.

I came back to add some photos.

Back from Orlando

August 26, 2010

We’re back from Florida. We had a great time. We went to 3 parks.

MGM ( I believe it’s called hollywood studios now) and the Tower of Terror!!

Universal- very hot .

The last day we went to Sea world and the Manta ride…

Harry, My 10 yr old , received lots of prodding and goading from his 15 yr old brother. ( brothers can be mean)  He was pressured into going on roller coaster rides. Which meant If he went I had to go. He was nervous the first few times and would only go with me. Not too bad really, until my 6th time on Aero Smith and the Rocking Roller coaster!

The next day he felt like a pro. The kids all wanted to go on the Manta Ride at Sea World. This ride you lay forward  and sort of hang in the air. Honestly REALLY SCARY. I think Harry wasn’t sure about this ride, but as I said older brothers can be mean. So we lined up. Got into our seats, Jack was a few rows behind  with Jess, Karen and my niece Chloe, as he wanted the back!! (freak) Harry,Nicole, Maz and I went in the middle as Harry insisted it couldn’t be as bad as the front or back.( He was mistaken)

As we were locked into our seats, I looked over  at Harry and saw his little face looking well… can guess. I reminded him we could still get off (although I think we were past the point of no return.) He replied “No Mum, I want to do it.” Even though his expression said otherwise. Of course seeing Harry’s face made me put on a brave face of my own while silently being a little mad at Jack.

We were flipped forward onto our bellys and then proceeded to move forward. Awful!  Looping and twisting, for what seemed like forever. 5 seconds into the ride I heard Harry scream” I love it,” I on the other hand, did not.

As we pulled into  the end of the ride. The seats uprighted and the locks sprung free. I stood up feeling emotionally and physically drained. My hair was wildly all over the place. I looked up and saw a mirror image in Maz. As I stumbled off the kids wanted to do it again I just couldn’t. I managed to put it off until later.

They look like they're having fun!!!!! Sicko's.


I’m participating in an ATC Swap. I sent my 2 cards out today. Here are some that I made. I had so much fun making them. I scanned some in twice they’re crooked and can’t work out how  to crop them in WordPress, Oh well!


Oops I scanned them in crookedly.

Tomorrow we are off on another little jaunt to the Hampton’s, on Long Island, NY for a few days. It should be fun… the rain seems to have stopped.