Illustration Friday – Carry

Here’s my post for this week’s Illustration Friday post. I’m still getting used to the new format, although it looks great.

This is one of a set of monkeys I made. This was the first one, he’s a sweet little monkey carrying his favourite sock monkey and his blankie, I thnk it’s bed time.


Here’s another one. ( This one’s my favourite)


3 Responses to “Illustration Friday – Carry”

  1. iamrahulashok Says:

    Likes for that lovely pirate! 😀 🙂


  2. Pam McKnight Says:

    I really like the nighttime one. I still have my blankie and my husband has his sock monkey.

  3. Cindy D. Says:

    Ah, I totally feel you about the new IF format. Looks wonderful but slightly less user friendly!

    Love these monkeys and so sorry I missed them during that topic! I can’t even pick a favorite, they are both amazingly adorable! That face just kills me and the tiny blue birds and other details are terrific. I am also a big fan of your Etsy shop. Hope to see more IF and things here!

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