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New Year…

January 7, 2012

It’s a new year. Technically we are a week in….  but still it’s a new year, of possibilities and dreams and goals…. the whole year is stretching before us, and there’s time for everything.  That’s how I always feel at this time.

I WILL not let this year slip away. There is plenty of time and I have plenty of goals. Some I don’t want to tell people because they might think I’m silly, but they involve fitness, health, family  and my art and blog. Just for a start. There’s so much I want to do.

We were away for Christmas vacation in Mexico, and had a great time. My daughter didn’t come for the first time ever … She had to work. Bleugh!!!!!!

I missed her!  She stayed home with the doggies which was perfect because Blue got sick. Poor Blue,  Jess really stepped up to the plate. She stayed awake with her at night and took her to the vets. Luckily it was just a few days before we came home.

But Blue has some kidney issues. She was in pain and apparently she has at least 65% kidney failure. She is still amazingly peppy and energetic considering she’s 14. You would never guess how old she is.

So we have changed her diet and we are hoping for the best. My family was freaking out for a bit about what this would mean. But thankfully we do not have to go there, quite yet.

It’s so sad, because I have always had a houseful of animals growing up and our dogs have got older and have reached the end of their lives at some point or another. I realize my kids and husband will be experiencing losing a loved member of the family for the first time. Apart from losing my mother ( I was devastated, but my boys were not born and Jess was 5.) They have never experienced loss. and pets are truly loved, irreplaceable members of the family. But I really am jumping the gun. I shouldn’t think like that. She is doing great.

Last summer I mentioned that she seemed confused and disoriented. We gave her prevagen which is a jellyfish supplement that they give to people with dementia.  We actually saw a huge improvement. She remembered how to get into the garbage again.( darn it ) Someone must have read the blog and were kind enough to send me  Neutricks. The dog’s version. It’s great, we give it to her once a day. She definitely seemed to be more herself and smart again.  I recommend it to anyone who has an older dog that seems to be a confused.

This helped Blue a lot.

Anyway sorry to bring a sad note to the new year!

I have some new art, although I have shown it  before in the  “almost done stage,” so I feel not much has changed. It’s hard to know when a painting is done. Sometimes I have to leave it and just keep looking at it until the right thing comes to mind.

I really have to send  my sketchbook project in, before the end of the month. So really in the next few days. The problem is that most of my little drawings are on post it notes. The best invention ever!

I always have the pads near me. I have post it reminders on my dash-board of my car, everywhere. Maybe I should take a jellyfish supplement. It drives my husband nuts.  So I always do lots of doodling on them. I have so many that I decided I would somehow modpodge them into my sketch book.

Post it notes doodles...

Jasper and the walk

May 25, 2011

On Sunday we had a charity walk to go to.  We do it every year for my good friend  who sadly lost her son. This is to raise money for St Mary’s hospital that took such excellent care of Zachy and gave amazing support to his family.

We always take the dogs… as it’s around the racetrack at Belmont. Not actually where the horses run, but around the outside of it. We see horses working out and practicing.. I’m not sure what you call it but the final leg of the triple crown is soon , and it ‘s at Belmont.

Well,  warning …. don’t read any further if you have a weak stomach. I have 3 kids and 2 dogs… Mine’s made of steel.

Apart from that morning! I had a yoghurt and some cheese for breakfast. What’s that you say…. not a good combo!!!! maybe not. Within 10 mins I was feeling nauseous. I actually couldn’t believe it as I never feel like that. Remember stomach of steel.

Anyway, I did throw up. ( Still shocking.)  My husband said I may have a virus as I’m never sick. (I KNOW)

So we decided, even though I was beginning to feel better I’d better not risk being away from home. I felt so bad about not going.

David decided to just take Blue on the walk as she is a much better behaved dog than Jasper. She is sweet and social and loves to be out and loves the car. Jasper on the other hand is so barky. He whines the whole car ride, I don’t think he likes the car much and then will bark at everyone he sees. So a big walk for charity  with lots of people is maybe not his best place to be.

David took out Blue’s leash, we tried to be sneaky, but Jasper heard the very first jingle. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a video of what happens when jasper see’s his leash. he goes NUTS..  I’ll have to hunt it out and post it.( I think He’s cute.)

He flipped out when he realized Blue was going somewhere with out him. (He did it to himself, mind) So, feeling better I took him for a walk… He was a little crazy for at least 10 mins,  here is a very short excerpt of that, and at the end he  looks like a squirrel on speed. If you’ve ever seen  the movie “Over the fence”,    there’s a squirrel in that he always reminds me of. Speedy!!!!!!

Oh by the way I am so techi challenged sometimes… I have been trying to update the post so that the video is right way up….  Well, sorry folks, I give up….. So you watch the jasper on his side or tilt your head…… whichever you prefer.

Well, we did finally get to walk. Then feeling absolutely fine I went to a craft show and bought a venus fly trap plant…. very cool

Venus Fly Trap

I had a few phone calls from  friends making sure I was Ok… but I felt like such a fraud, because I felt fine within 10 minutes of,  how shall I say it, getting rid of the offending food. Wow the body’s efficient.

Snow and an iPhone miracle

January 15, 2011

My kids had a snow day on Wednesday, much excitement. Sledding was the big activity. So much fun. I had the day off work too. Yay!

Snowy Swings

Jasper doesn’t love the snow too much. But neither would I if my belly touched it, I think. Blue likes the snow Much more. She loves to run in it.

I’ve been busy on my ATC cards for Artfest, I had to make 28. I’ve finished them. When I scan them in I’ll post some of them. I have a hard time committing so they’re all different. I know, I made SO much work for myself.

I also have about 38  4 by 4  Fatbook pages to do.  Of course I haven’t been able to come up with just one design for that either.  So I decided a lot of my Post it doodles that I do at work ( Sorry Boss)  when I’m calling insurance companies will be turned into Fatbook pages. I have so many  because I save them all, then ink them when I get home and colour them. I really have started to enjoyed them. They are like mini-artworks.  I’ll post them soon too. I did however come up with a brilliant idea the other day whilst making my 10th cup of tea that day. Each teabag comes in its own wrapped packet. So I decided to make little envelopes and put them on all the backs of the fatbook pages ( that’s my embellishment, because I’m rubbish at that. ) and slip a wrapped teabag in each one. yay! I think it will tie all the different pages together.

pretty envelopes 3 by 3. The inside of each flap is different

Inside flaps

So I feel good that I’m on track. The deadlines are feb 11th and 15th, I think  I should check just to be sure.


Yesterday  somehow, because I’m stupid,  I let my beloved  iPhone sit in an inch of water…. I put it in the inside door handle , where snow must have fallen in and melted.  When I realized ( yes there was cursing) I kept shaking it on my leg and saw  really wet patches on my jeans… Great.

Then I remembered I had just read something about saving your phone if it got wet by putting it in a ziplock bag with those little silica packets. The ones you get in bags etc . Well I knew I had none a home, because guess what? I throw them away. As most of you do. WELL DON’T from now on.

So i took a detour to TJ max on the way home, after turning my phone off. AT TJmax I rifled the bag section and found a few silica packs and well I pinched them. I was going to buy a bag (Honest) but the only one I liked was $50.00 and almost the same as the black one I was carrying. Which by the way had come from TJmax. So I didn’t feel that horrible. I went home with my  pilfered silica packets; all 3 of them, feeling like a criminal, kinda.

Put my phone in a ziplock with said silica for several hours and … Voila. It’s really just fine. I can’t believe it.

Whoo Hoo I just might go back and buy that bag after all.

Here are some cute pics and I’m off to scan my ATC cards.

Sleeping Beauty

2 Sleeping Boys.

Back to School

September 14, 2010

Summer is officially over. The kids had 2 days if school on the 7th and 8th. Then 2 days off. Jack had a hockey tournament, so my husband went with him and I stayed home with Harry and Jess. Harry had soccer, they lost 4 2.

I didn’t actually get much work(art)done this weekend.

late on Sunday Harry’s worked on trying  to open his padlock for his gym locker. I’m not even very skilled at opening those combination locks. I always go past the number.

6th grade  is such an enormous change from 5th grade. One classroom , one teacher  and a little homework. Now… he has many classes, many teachers and real homework. Gaahhh.

Oh and don’t forget the 2 locker combinations he has to remember, I’m not sure I could.  The lock we sent him with (he had mastered the 1st combination) was the wrong kind. The custodian has to be able to get into the gym lockers if needed. Harry didn’t understand why they needed to break in to the lockers. Then I remembered an unfortunate incident when Jack was in 8th grade.

The hallway apparently smelled like mould. It got to the point where they considered closing the school. They decided to open every locker first  and found (of course they did) in my son’s locker and another boy’s, a bunch of towels used for swimming, left to get mouldy. They had probably been there for a few months. A little embarrassing when I had a phone call requesting that I come immediately and remove them. Oh the shame!

So I explained to Harry sometimes they have a good reason to “break” into the lockers.

Not much going on..  I have an app on ,my phone called, “from couch to 5k..” I’m determined to become a runner. I’m not sure why.  It does feel good some of the time. ( although I think it’s mostly due to the fact that every runner I know , looks great, is skinny and can eat whatever they want. Yes that might be why  I want to become a runner. They also talk about becoming addicted to running. Well, is that too much to ask.

So all of the other times I’ve tried running before and given up , this time might be different.  I’m in my second week of running and walking. it’s easier when the australian lady tells me ” you only have 15 seconds more to run.” than when I watching the clock.

So wish me luck!

Here’s a random video of Jasper taking a cookie from Jess…

My Dogs Feel Abandoned

July 24, 2010

Poor doggies. I took my radiation pill  Friday. (So far I don’t glow in the dark )  I can’t officially touch anyone including the dogs for 3 days. Poor dogs. Jasper just does not understand. He keeps looking at me  and trying to sneak up and lick the back of my leg. In fact they both follow me around and when I think they are too close I speed up which only encourages them to chase me!!!

Last night while I locked myself in my bedroom. The dogs spent ages scratching at the door to get in. Even though my husband was sleeping in another room , they still tried to get in.

Lucky for me they are forgiving and in three days won’t remember that I ignored them…….I hope!

Again the only upside id that I can’t prepare food for anyone for a week. Which is fine as I hate cooking anyway, I’d much rather be painting.  I’m still waiting for special powers like Peter Parker. I know technically he was bitten by a radioactive spider but……..

Taken with  Jess’  iphone video camera.

I thought I’d share a little of Jasper with you, he tries to talk like this to us every day. Sometimes it’s as simple as; ” feed me” other times I can’t be sure. I’m so sorry I can’t speak dog. Blue is much more camera-shy. she hides when it comes out.

Anyone would think I take too many pictures or something, or maybe she thinks she’s some kind of celebrity and I’m the paparazzi. Jasper however couldn’t care less.

Paintings I’m working on.

July 22, 2010

I have several on the go at the same time. 2  are commissions.

I made a Jerry Garcia painting for someone before and now he wants a portrait of Trey  the lead singer from Phish. Should be fun.


Second is a dog portrait of 2 dogs, Shelties ; Austin and Emily , Aren’t they beautiful.

Third I’m just working on one for myself. I’ve been so inspired by the amazing artists I’ve seen, That I’m going to try a bigger mixed media piece. I have a background but I’m not happy with it, so I’m going to add some things to it like different kinds of paper. I do love it when people use print of some kind,   some more paint and go from there.

I’m not sure whether to go with a bright background and bright birds or more muted… decisions! decisions!

And the background, well here’s one I painted earlier.( Incase any of you recognize Blue Peter, which is an old English kids TV show.)

I had painted a bunch of backgrounds and this one has been sitting on the easel just staring at me…

Take no notice of the little bird sitting in the corner. Although I’m sure he’s watching me too, as he’s not finished. He thinks I’ve given up on him.

I kept waiting for inspiration.. and then the birds fluttered in, as you can see above all sitting on the branch. But now I think the blue background’s all wrong. So we’ll see where it goes.

Beach and Relaxation!

July 19, 2010

I went to the beach yesterday. It was beautiful. The weather in New York has been really Hot and Humid. More so than usual. At the beach there was a lovely breeze. It’s always fun to see the little kids playing. The seagulls trying to swipe food. and people just so relaxed. I’m a real people watcher.

I have typically English skin so I hide out under my Umbrella.. My husband is much darker and tans easily. So he doesn’t need to share with me. In fact nobody ever wants to share the shade with me. Fine by me! I finished my book, “The girl who Kicked the hornet’s nest.” by Larssen.  I loved it.

Sometimes when my kids are with me I inevitably have my camera and I take sneaky pictures of people to paint later. I have to be careful, I’m sure people would be mad if they caught me.

This is one of my sneaky pictures, that I painted.


Here are some beach art from other artists.

Beach Boys by Vicky Mount on Red Bubble

I love this Painting of seagulls by Vicky Mount. She captured their expressions just right….

Scuba Diver By Karin Taylor on Redbubble

Here’s another artist on redbubble. Karin Taylor

Beach Buddies by Vickie Wade On Etsy.

Mermaid by Geralyn Chouinard

Check out Geralyn’s Blog.. I do love Mermaids…. and Dogs.

Basset Hound at the beach By DJ Rogers On Etsy

Mini Canvases

June 19, 2010

Woo Hoo I was at my local Michael’s store,  and I saw these mini 5×5 canvases for a dollar!!!  I got very excited as ideas burst into my head. I had actually been in the canvas aisle and saw 5×5’s for $6.99. So this was great. I will paint over them with my own stuff. I”ve been looking for small canvases for a while…  I’m torn between dogs(of course).  Cupcakes- I’m not sure why?  Flowers -always cool. Fat birds and cats…. Well , you get the idea, I’m full of ideas but not one is jumping out at me. Oh and on the way, on the way out of Micheals, I bought 3 of those delicious Lindt Truffles and ate them all, Yum.

Jasper checking out the goods

Peanut Butter

June 17, 2010

Dogs love peanut butter, but so far I’ve never heard of a dog that’s allergic to peanut butter. I suppose that’s possible.

I have a video of my dogs eating peanut butter, so cute and I think it’s so funny. I put music over it to hide our voices…. I hate to hear myself speak, don’t you?

MY daughter doesn’t  but then she loves to perform, whether it’s singing or acting… So it mainly to protect me that I cover my voice. I have an English accent and some people get confused when I speak, especially when we are out to dinner and I ask for a “glarss of wahtur please” and my family have to translate for me, when I say it for the 5th time.  ” Glass of water please” They chime in , much to my embarrassment.

Well, I can’t quite figure out how to Upload the video , so I have to give a you tube link. Look at me stepping out of my comfort zone.

Getting on YouTube wasn’t a walk in the park either. I know it’s easy for LOTS of other people.

Presenting: jasper and blue and peanut butter

YouTube – Peanut butter and dogs Check out the video on YouTube

This “glarss” is half full, I definitely see myself as a glass half full person. What are you?

Talking to Myself

June 8, 2010

Sometimes I feel I’m the only one listening to what I have to say. That goes for here and at home. My kids, My husband and my dogs. Especially my dogs.

But I will continue to write here regardless.

Jasper my “little one” has gained weight. I picked him up the other day and, boy did he feel heavy. Everyone thought I was nuts… until they weighed him. He had gained 2lbs. he was now 10lbs. I don’t know that there are too many 10lb Yorkies.

Blue on the other hand could do with gaining some weight. Her fur is very deceiving, and when  it’s long, it can make her look positively plump. It’s not until she comes back from the groomers that I realize how skinny she is. I can see her ribs and I always feel awful, as if I’m neglecting her.

I try to give her extra food, but her stomach can’t always take it.

As for Jasper, my daughter finally confessed that she shares snacks with Jasper. I know the boy’s sneak him food too.

He’s always been greedy, in fact Blue only really became obsessed with food since Jasper joined us.

Once, when Jasper was a puppy, for days his stomach was huge and tight like a he’d  swallowed a ball. We could not figure it out. He groaned when he walked too. ( he is a very verbal dog though, and makes all sorts of weird grunts and groans on a daily basis)

Finally the jig was up. Given up by Blue of course. Jasper had made a hole in a giant sized dog food bag , we kept in the basement. He had been helping himself to it throughout the day and probably would have emptied the bag had it not been for Blue getting caught. I think Jasper may have been a little relieved, even though he would never had admitted so.

So he’s on a kind of diet. A “no people food/ no snack” diet. I really hope my kids are listening to me. he’s just so darn cute , he’s hard to resist. But I would hate to see his head shrink as his body grew.

I think overweight dogs look like their head’s are too small for their body.