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Illustration friday- Separate

December 14, 2011

Here’s my offering for IF this week. I cant remember when I  last managed to do one in a timely fashion.

Here’s a mermaid and her octopus friend. I think his legs are somewhat tangled and he needs help to separate him. That’s what his best mermaid friend is there for.

I think Octopus needs help separating his legs......

I don’t think anyone should count too carefully. I definitely got confused as I was painting the legs. There may or may not be 8…..

Not finished yet... his boat is called the sea monkey( or it will be)

pictures are a bit blurry darn it

not finished either

This is some artwork I’ve been working on….. I have lots of stuff to do  like buy, wrap, mail packages to England….. Oh my!!!    and I’m off to mexico next week. Im going Cancun with the family. I can’t wait….









The weekend

June 28, 2010

I had a very hot and busy weekend. I dog sat for a good  friend who still hadn’t had her electricity restored since the storm. She was staying in a hotel and after sneaking daisy in the first night, she was too worried she would bark and get them kicked out.

We were quite happy to dog sit. Daisy is a Yorkie, much smaller than Jasper and she’s very cute.  My kids were thrilled. My dogs were a little more reserved. Although they were well-behaved, Daisy just wandered around ignoring them. It was actually a lot of fun having 3 dogs for a while.

Of course it gave my kids ideas about getting another dog. I’m not quite ready for a 3rd dog yet, and jasper was a little jealous. Of course we gave him lots of love afterwards, and Blue was not really phased at all.

My boys left for sleep away camp on Saturday. They were very excited, I was excited for them and I was a also a little sad as I saw the bus driving off with my boys.  They get to enjoy sports all day long for the next few weeks.

I’m left with my daughter, my husband and dogs. I’ve promised to go to yoga, see lots of movies and  make lots of art.

Here are a few I’ve been finishing off. getting as much Art as I can for the art show this  weekend! Gulp!

I’m also having a hard time printing them on my printer. I’m not happy with the  color and can’t seem to adjust it.

New Paintings

June 21, 2010

I’ve started working on some pictures for the mini canvases. Once I start painting, I tend to want to ignore everything else, I’m not the only one like that.  First I thought I’d do some sets of 4 and then mermaids started emerging…. I do love mermaids. My eldest child, has always secretly wished she were a mermaid.

When people asked  her, “what will you be when you grow up?”

She would answer,” A. mermaid,”

She still says that sometimes and she”s almost 20.

I do have a lot to do and I feel I’m really procrastinating I have an art show for the month of July and I’m panicked I wont have enough art. I’m also having a reception. I am so bad a self promotion. I have a hard time even signing my work.

I know I have to send an email out to all of my friends inviting them to the reception.( They would be SO mad if I didn’t) But It’s so uncomfortable.

Which is why , I guess, I’m taking the Kelly Rae course… to help me with all of those murky feelings.

So the painting I made for my husbands 40th birthday, Of Jerry Garcia ( He’s a Dead Head) IS coming down for a month for the show, I need to fill the walls, Hmm… Now who else has some.

I’m also meant to be making the  doll for the Art doll challenge. Much ADO in Wonderland. But Ideas are not forthcoming I can only think of mermaids.