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New Year…

January 7, 2012

It’s a new year. Technically we are a week in….  but still it’s a new year, of possibilities and dreams and goals…. the whole year is stretching before us, and there’s time for everything.  That’s how I always feel at this time.

I WILL not let this year slip away. There is plenty of time and I have plenty of goals. Some I don’t want to tell people because they might think I’m silly, but they involve fitness, health, family  and my art and blog. Just for a start. There’s so much I want to do.

We were away for Christmas vacation in Mexico, and had a great time. My daughter didn’t come for the first time ever … She had to work. Bleugh!!!!!!

I missed her!  She stayed home with the doggies which was perfect because Blue got sick. Poor Blue,  Jess really stepped up to the plate. She stayed awake with her at night and took her to the vets. Luckily it was just a few days before we came home.

But Blue has some kidney issues. She was in pain and apparently she has at least 65% kidney failure. She is still amazingly peppy and energetic considering she’s 14. You would never guess how old she is.

So we have changed her diet and we are hoping for the best. My family was freaking out for a bit about what this would mean. But thankfully we do not have to go there, quite yet.

It’s so sad, because I have always had a houseful of animals growing up and our dogs have got older and have reached the end of their lives at some point or another. I realize my kids and husband will be experiencing losing a loved member of the family for the first time. Apart from losing my mother ( I was devastated, but my boys were not born and Jess was 5.) They have never experienced loss. and pets are truly loved, irreplaceable members of the family. But I really am jumping the gun. I shouldn’t think like that. She is doing great.

Last summer I mentioned that she seemed confused and disoriented. We gave her prevagen which is a jellyfish supplement that they give to people with dementia.  We actually saw a huge improvement. She remembered how to get into the garbage again.( darn it ) Someone must have read the blog and were kind enough to send me  Neutricks. The dog’s version. It’s great, we give it to her once a day. She definitely seemed to be more herself and smart again.  I recommend it to anyone who has an older dog that seems to be a confused.

This helped Blue a lot.

Anyway sorry to bring a sad note to the new year!

I have some new art, although I have shown it  before in the  “almost done stage,” so I feel not much has changed. It’s hard to know when a painting is done. Sometimes I have to leave it and just keep looking at it until the right thing comes to mind.

I really have to send  my sketchbook project in, before the end of the month. So really in the next few days. The problem is that most of my little drawings are on post it notes. The best invention ever!

I always have the pads near me. I have post it reminders on my dash-board of my car, everywhere. Maybe I should take a jellyfish supplement. It drives my husband nuts.  So I always do lots of doodling on them. I have so many that I decided I would somehow modpodge them into my sketch book.

Post it notes doodles...

Goals, Dreams and Making it Happen…2011

January 3, 2011

Well, I’m back from Mexico, we had a wonderful time with my husbands extended family. The kids all had friends from over the work=ld to hang with. Check out the video of my own little Amigo Harry and his friend Jack from  London UK (my home town)  This was at night, they had some Yolie (sprite) and were a little hyped up at the Mexican Garden party.

My other kids (amongst many people) say that if they lived in the same town, it would be scary. They are a little wild and mischievous together, I admit, but both sweet boys. 

I have just started an E course with Louise Gale; Big Dreams Small Wonders. I found her on Kelly Rae’s Course last year. I learnt so much and this course may help me manifest some dreams this year. Lets hope!

So what might they be.

Well, I need to be brave, and not worry about being judged. I know that’s part of my problem. So I don’t show people  my work and have this ridiculous art secret life and blog. why am I hiding it. Seriously what’s wrong with me?( I don’t even like to sign my artwork.)

Maybe I could be more organized and stop leaving myself sticky notes, like “Get Gas” On my dashboard and writing notes on my hands. Although I do love doodling my post it art pictures.

A "Post it" Princess

Write down my dreams and go for them. Vroom…Vroom!

I also read that if you create your intentions during a New Moon, you have a better chance of seeing your goals and desires happen. Also the few days leading up to the New Moon (the waxing phase) is very powerful. As the new Moon is on Jan 4th, that’s today and tomorrow!!

Apparently  Casino’s have bigger pay outs, farmers bigger crops,  and a whole bunch of other good things, and what about Werewolves. Like the hunky one from twilight. he’s not sparkly, but those abs!

Here’s a mermaid I’ve been working on a while.

Mermaid and her Octopus friend.

There are a few things I love and some , Not so much. But I learnt a lot from her.  Any way I’m off to create my intentions before I go to bed and again tomorrow!  Peace out! as my kid’s say.