My Dogs


Blue is a Wheaten Terrier. She’s 12 years young.

Young being the best description… people are shocked when they ask how old she is. She has plenty of energy.

She has the sweetest disposition and when Jasper bothers her(which is often); she usually pretends he’s not there. She just keeps looking at you, wagging her tail. I could learn a thing or two from her. Good doggy.

She is happiest when she’s sitting on her cushion in front of 3 enormous windows onto the outside world. She can see who’s approaching  and wait for her family to come home. She does however tend to bark at every poor little old lady or man who walks by.

Her favorite place to sleep is next to her dad, if she can or on his pillow. Or in my spot.

Hmmph.(I think she hopes one night I’ll just give up and let her sleep there.)

Jasper is a Yorkie who looks like he’s part fox. Don’t tell me that’s impossible. I just won’t believe it.

He’s 6 and a sweet loving dog who constantly tries Blue’s patience. He’s a little jealous of Blue when it comes to attention and food. Poor Blue.

He will eat anything. He will jump on the table after dinner licking it clean…. until we catch him.

He likes to sit on laps even when they’re full of things like books and laptops.

He’ll also leap on your lap when you sit on the toilet. Surprise!! His favorite place to sleep is curled up next to you, preferably under the covers. Sadly he often gets mad at poor Blue when she tries to get on the bed.


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