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Painting Shoes

August 14, 2011

I’ve been obsessing about an embroidered pair of cowboy boots … way out of my budget, around $500 on Zappos…..( excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor) I found a pair on sale ( only 2 pairs left.. oh the pressure !!!) for only $396.00. I just can’t!

So beautiful.......

So what do I do. I take a trip to Micheal and rummage through my supplies and decide to paint a pair of shoes I already have. Cheapies from Target. Or shall I say Targe`. ( pronounced Tarjay like it’s fancy)

First of all I pick some cool embroidered flowers and think maybe I’ll glue them on. But I’m not too sure what would be the best glue, So I’m saving the flowers for something else.

mock-up with embroidered flowers

Then I picked up some Tulip Liquid beads to use..

liquid beads

I saw a great tutorial using them here, at Ilovetocreateblogspot 

So here we go. here are the shoes…

Shoes: Cheapies from Target

I decided the best thing would be to use a sharpie paint marker for the drawing …. then I could use turquoise paint over that, It would be brighter than just the paint over the brown. So drew the basic outlines on…

Using a sharpie paint marker I drew flowers, dots and swirls

then I used turquoise acrylic paint to paint over the white flowers.

painting over the white flowers

Acrylic paint

Then I used a light blue sharpie which wasn’t really light blue at all and sort of used it for a little shadow/depth to the flowers.

I think I need to use another colour over the swirls… but I’m not sure. So I’m not rushing it. I’ll wait and see what pops  into my head.

But here are, almost finished…..

I added some more flowers around the front, as they didn't show under jeans.

I tried the liquid beads as a test… but it came off too easy , so I decided not to use them. Never fear, I’m sure I’ll have another project to use. Now My friend  Alysse at  Bliss Monkey Studio said we should paint a pair of shoes/boots together. Sorry I got caught up Alysse. I am willing to paint another pair…. If anyone else has painted shoes/boots too, I would love to see pictures.