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Illustration friday

June 21, 2012

Illustration Friday is The Secret……

Play that funky music….

What’s the secret to getting a robot to dance?  Play that funky music…



Illustration Friday- Disguise

August 31, 2011

This is a picture that I did a while ago. I was In a chick phase. I made a whole bunch of silly chicks.

In disguise

This reminds me of Jess when she was younger.We recently came across a whole load of photos of Jess. Most were naked, she loved to strip and run.(Like a streaker. does anyone remember that song. “They called him the streak!” I think.) There were SO many. With hats, tiara’s and of course fairy wings. Lots of naked fairies. Tons of Jess poking her tongue out at the camera too. I have those shots from 1-year-old to her  current  age of 21. A whole series of them. I think it’s a theme.

We found a picture that I will not post here, with Jess, half-naked, cheekily showing her bum to the camera, but wearing a Groucho Marx  nose and glasses.  She joked that she could post it on Facebook.( the horror)  I said she actually could, because at least she was in disguise!!!!!

Totally in disguise

Graduation, dogs and art.

June 23, 2010

Well, my youngest  had his graduation ceremony today. It was lovely.  It was a little hot with everyone packed into a small auditorium without  air conditioning. I’m almost positive, Thank goodness for the  brochure  that we all used to fan ourselves. We rushed to lunch and then back again for the 5th grade party. with a DJ, dancers and sunglasses giveaways. Ooooo!

As Yearbook Chair, I was excited to hand out the yearbooks… The kids get so excited, which makes me feel great about the work we put into the book.

My dogs have been cute and crazy, I have a video of the excitement at “Walk Time”. When Jasper gets So excited he grabs Blue’s lead and tries to take her for a walk. I just have to edit it and take out my horrible voice.

Here’s a picture of jasper laughing. I’m serious he looks like he’s chuckling. (He definitely was)

Don't tell me he's not laughing.

I’m obsessed with song by Michael Posner right now, called “You think you’re cooler than me. ” I love it. I listen to it over and over and over.

I’ve been working on some paintings, all minis. I don’t think that will help me with my art show. I  have all sorts of ideas about painting and collageing, I just  can’t quite seem to stay on one path.

Here’s a pig I made. I do love flying pigs.

It’s a little washed out, I like that. It started about being brighter.

Peanut Butter

June 17, 2010

Dogs love peanut butter, but so far I’ve never heard of a dog that’s allergic to peanut butter. I suppose that’s possible.

I have a video of my dogs eating peanut butter, so cute and I think it’s so funny. I put music over it to hide our voices…. I hate to hear myself speak, don’t you?

MY daughter doesn’t  but then she loves to perform, whether it’s singing or acting… So it mainly to protect me that I cover my voice. I have an English accent and some people get confused when I speak, especially when we are out to dinner and I ask for a “glarss of wahtur please” and my family have to translate for me, when I say it for the 5th time.  ” Glass of water please” They chime in , much to my embarrassment.

Well, I can’t quite figure out how to Upload the video , so I have to give a you tube link. Look at me stepping out of my comfort zone.

Getting on YouTube wasn’t a walk in the park either. I know it’s easy for LOTS of other people.

Presenting: jasper and blue and peanut butter

YouTube – Peanut butter and dogs Check out the video on YouTube

This “glarss” is half full, I definitely see myself as a glass half full person. What are you?

Butt Bumping

June 17, 2010

I’m not quite sure if “Butt Bumping” is the correct term. I have no idea what else to call it.

It’s when jasper, my Yorkie starts bumping his hips back against something or someone, as he’s “talking to me .”

He’s a very verbal dog, I may have mentioned this before. he will start following me around at 3pm trying to convince me it’s dinner time. He will make little noises that are very hard to describe. They are not really whines, or barks more like a yodel coming from his throat.

My daughter thinks it’s so funny, she once taped him with her phone, and threatens to use it as a ring tone.  I have tried to capture it on video so I can post it, but every time the camera comes out, he stops. He must be camera-shy. I am  determined though.

Back to the butt bumping, I googled it and one post said it was his way of showing affection, Hmmm.  Another  said he was trying to be the alpha dog.

I think he does it when he’s trying to communicate. It’s fairly new, he’s been doing this for about a year now. He makes eye contact with who ever he wants to communicate  with, and then “talks” and butts his hips into whoever is sitting behind him.

Some of my son’s friends thought he was humping, But I’ve seen that and this is not that! Thank goodness, We’ve never had that problem, except with a certain stuffed animal that shall remain nameless and “disappeared ” a long time ago.

If anyone out there knows more than me , please share.

This post isn't about her, but I couldn't leave her out.

Jasper watching squirrels