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August 4, 2012

I went to Westhampton NY with my best friends.  It was Kimmy’s 50th birthday, so we decided to have a little slumber party. We had so much fun and the rainy weather, turned to sun  the next day. Perfect. We enjoyed lobster rolls and french fries and wine on the beach. ( I’m starting my diet in 2 days. I didn’t think it was appropriate to starve myself on my friends birthday)

We went to a great resteraunt the night before and on the way home I nearly ran over a jogger and 2 wayward deer. Honestly! Thank god I wasn’t drinking. The stupid jogger ran in front of my car wearing BLACK!!!!!!! Say what !   The deer were also a surprise as I by accident drove into the driveway of the police station( it was really dark  and it was an exit off the roundabout.) and 2 deer burst through the bushes and scared the crap out of me. Which led to a outbursts of my own .Involving some choice words about effing joggers and wayward deer…. To gafawing laughter from my passengers in the car. Good job the police didn’t come out. They never would have believed me that I wasn’t drinking.

We did sing the song from the hangover a few times We are the 4 best frinds that anybody could ever have,  that Alan sang. It seemed perfect.

Happy Birthday Kimmy

I made this as her card… She works for Aflac

Dragon Face????

seagull flying away from me with his crab dinner.

Art and Birthdays

September 9, 2010

It’s my husband’s birthday today…. He’s a little weird about birthdays. I’m not sure why.  He likes to fly under the radar and not really be acknowledged much.( Except family)  His mother tried to organize a 40th birthday party a few years ago, after I talked her out of a surprise party ( The Horror)  HE refused the offer.

He likes to give and receive 3 or 4 cards and he’s hard to buy for. But he’s recently lost quite a bit of weight and looks great. So clothes are a good choice at the moment. I bought him a great vintage Giants sweatshirt. He loved it, Phew!

I got into bed last night realizing that I hadn’t got the kids to sign the cards. It was 1am. My 15-year-old was awake

(don’t ask me why, he’s still in summer mode and there was no school today or tomorrow) So I got him to sign , but Jess and Harry were  asleep . Of course they were.

So I padded off  retrieve the cards and  wrap the present. I had a gift bag with football stuff on it, perfect. I rolled the Giant sweatshirt ( it was still a large) and stuffed it in the bag. got jack to sign the card had a little argument about not showering at  and went to bed.

The next morning HE had  left for the gym early (yes that’s how he lost all his weight). So I got the other kids to sign and Harry painted a picture for him. He came back ( all sweaty) and we gave him  his gift. ( Jack refused to get up, but then he went to bed later than I did and … Grrr  Teens. )

Harry made this for his dad"s birthday. AW!

HE opened his cards and present , Loved it and then said , ” Oh it looks like you got me a cockroach too, is this an extra gift.”


Yes there in the bag was a big, Thankfully dead, bug of some kind. Yuck!

On a side note: here are some pictures I’m working on. I must  have ADD as I can’t seem to stick to one at a time.

This may be finished, or I may add little black dots for eyes. I can't decide.

I have to work on BG again, hair dress ....

I haven't really decided what to do for her background, but I like the wings coming off the canvas.

Never too Old to Wear a Tiara

June 10, 2010

Today I’m not talking about my dogs, although they are really cute and lovely.

I have a photo that I recently received in one of those annoying forwarded emails. This one was from my brother. I can’t remember what it was about, but I loved the photo of the woman who came with it. I loved her , I wanted to meet her.

She was really old and wearing a tiara. I want to do that when I’m 90-ish and I certainly think she has earned the right to wear the tiara. They are so much fun to wear.

At some point my daughter younger, she  and her friends used to wear a “Birthday Tiara” all day if it was one of their birthdays. which is a great idea, I’m only sad my friends and I  never thought of it.  I wish I had a Birthday Tiara.

My son’s wonderful 4th Grade teacher who’s retiring this year, has a retirement Tiara which she wears every opportunity.

Well, I loved the painting SO much , I had to paint her. She was in a room with other elderly people, (playing bingo, I think.) So I decided to crop them out and focus on my Tiara lady.

I really do love her expression, and I tried so hard to capture it. She’s peering through thick glasses, and probably listening to the bingo numbers being called, or listening to a compliment on her Tiara.

I do hope she had lots of compliments.