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Artfest Video part 1

April 23, 2011

I had so much fun at artfest. Thanks to Teesha, Tracy and their wonderful family.

Here’s is part 1 of my weekend of being annoying with my video camera…. I splt it up because it would be too long and I’m not sure if the blog can handle it.. So we’ll see.

If you find my voice annoying or do not enjoy the choice of music, turn the volume down baby!

And so , without further ado…. Artfest   part 1:

I think my eyesight is getting worse as I couldn’t always tell what was in focus as I filmed. Also In my finished video all of the names at the end showed and now it’s posted they don’t all seem to show. Hmm…. I’m new at this and I’m assuming theses are all annoying technical glitches. Darn it. (wish me luck for part 2)


Peanut Butter

June 17, 2010

Dogs love peanut butter, but so far I’ve never heard of a dog that’s allergic to peanut butter. I suppose that’s possible.

I have a video of my dogs eating peanut butter, so cute and I think it’s so funny. I put music over it to hide our voices…. I hate to hear myself speak, don’t you?

MY daughter doesn’t  but then she loves to perform, whether it’s singing or acting… So it mainly to protect me that I cover my voice. I have an English accent and some people get confused when I speak, especially when we are out to dinner and I ask for a “glarss of wahtur please” and my family have to translate for me, when I say it for the 5th time.  ” Glass of water please” They chime in , much to my embarrassment.

Well, I can’t quite figure out how to Upload the video , so I have to give a you tube link. Look at me stepping out of my comfort zone.

Getting on YouTube wasn’t a walk in the park either. I know it’s easy for LOTS of other people.

Presenting: jasper and blue and peanut butter

YouTube – Peanut butter and dogs Check out the video on YouTube

This “glarss” is half full, I definitely see myself as a glass half full person. What are you?