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Artfest Frenzy

April 3, 2011


mostly little piggies

mostly little piggies, waiting for paint and wings

So little time , so much to do…. oh my.


Seriously I am in the throes of making art trades, and I am switching from one to the other. Also as always happens no ideas at all and then once I start the ideas all come flowing and I keep on wanting to make something new. Well I’ll have a very eclectic group to trade I guess. If I ever finish anything. I also have some dog tags made.

some finished dog tags




wings for the flying pigs....


I may need to make more dog tags.

panic panic. I also have to worry about enough food for the family while I’m gone, arranging for Harry to have a sleep over on friday  because it’s David’s brother’s 40th birthday. Sorry I can’t be there. But I booked Artfest so long ago. My bruv-in-law said he understands though.

on a side note, I have to talk about as amazing teacher my son Jack has.  Jack does not really like school, never has and I hope that will eventually change.

But he has this  teacher, who is quite old school and  he loves and respects him. This teacher Mr Mahfouda, told Jack that if he got 100 on a test he would drink it. What’s that you say? What the heck does that mean? Well Jack did get a 100!!!!! Amazing.

Mr Mahfouda sent him to the cafeteria to get milk. He produced a blender and they proceeded to blend the test.  Then they drank it. Really! What a cool teacher. My younger son Harry said he saw a picture of it on Facebook  and everyone was holding up their phones. I’m assuming they were videotaping it and the man is now a legend amongst the 10th graders and Great Neck South High. I really do have to write a wonderful letter about him to the principal.

Here are some almost finished piggies….

And a few little canvas. Seriously I can’t commit to just one thing ever.

mini canvas's



piggies and an elephant



One year ago……Today

March 7, 2011

Wow, time flies.

When I wrote my very first post , I thought, “Who would want to read what I write, see what I paint. listen to what I have to say.”

Instead I must say it’s been a journey. A lovely journey. Through the world of blogs.  I’ve encountered incredibly talented, creative, supportive, wise and wonderful people. And I love it. I feel I’ve got a sense of my creative side again.

I’ve learnt about so many new things, I’ve taken classes I would never have known about. I’ve signed up to go to Artfest. I’m so excited. A year ago I had never have heard of Artfest. I’ve been making trades to take there, here’s a peek…  Flying Pigs seem to be my things right now and of course mermaids as always. But flying pigs make me feel anything is possible.

Artfest Trades

I had every intention of having a ‘One Year Giveaway.’  But I didn’t have my act together . So hopefully next week, while I’m swept up with the creative muse, I’ll have something finished.

Here are some pictures I’ve been meaning to post for a while. ( I used my hipstamatic camera app, which I love ) I took them when my friend Tracy came to visit  from the UK.  We had so much fun. We saw Mama Mia, We walked around the city the whole weekend. ( She made me and there was still so much snow in the city.) My husband and son’s were skiing.


New york City from the Top of Rockefeller center





New York City


Before I moved to the states I used to watch the steam shooting up into the streets as the cars drove by, in shows like Cagney and Lacey. I was always fascinated by this.


ending with a lovely glass of wine...