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Works in Progress

June 23, 2011

I made a quick video. I was totally experimenting with my son’s flip camera. I’m still not sure why I did it! I guess I’m practicing for when I finally make my little flying pig tutorial, which is coming soon, as I’m trying to figure it all out. You can see a picture below.

I was making a video of  a painting I’m making for 100 Illustrations,  they are looking for 100 favourite  foods and I got distracted and started showing some of the other work I’m working on right now….  You can see the food painting I’m working on. It’s soft-boiled egg and marmite soldiers, which are strips cut from toast spread with  butter and marmite. Yum! and served with nice cuppa ( English tea)

I love this photo and I've started a painting of these two sweet owls. You get a peek in the video

Flying piggies and an elephant tutorial coming soon.


I saw this sweet photo on a top picks website, it didn’t have any photo credits, so if it’s yours, I’m sorry, But I love it and wanted to share it.


Illustration Friday- Shadow

June 8, 2011

Here I am again posting my illustration  1 day before the new word. Oh well!!!!

This is a little owl family I made , not too long ago. They are definitely sitting in the shadows. I think they are waiting for something or just enjoying the summer’s night.

Sitting in the Shadows of the Moon

Art and Birthdays

September 9, 2010

It’s my husband’s birthday today…. He’s a little weird about birthdays. I’m not sure why.  He likes to fly under the radar and not really be acknowledged much.( Except family)  His mother tried to organize a 40th birthday party a few years ago, after I talked her out of a surprise party ( The Horror)  HE refused the offer.

He likes to give and receive 3 or 4 cards and he’s hard to buy for. But he’s recently lost quite a bit of weight and looks great. So clothes are a good choice at the moment. I bought him a great vintage Giants sweatshirt. He loved it, Phew!

I got into bed last night realizing that I hadn’t got the kids to sign the cards. It was 1am. My 15-year-old was awake

(don’t ask me why, he’s still in summer mode and there was no school today or tomorrow) So I got him to sign , but Jess and Harry were  asleep . Of course they were.

So I padded off  retrieve the cards and  wrap the present. I had a gift bag with football stuff on it, perfect. I rolled the Giant sweatshirt ( it was still a large) and stuffed it in the bag. got jack to sign the card had a little argument about not showering at  and went to bed.

The next morning HE had  left for the gym early (yes that’s how he lost all his weight). So I got the other kids to sign and Harry painted a picture for him. He came back ( all sweaty) and we gave him  his gift. ( Jack refused to get up, but then he went to bed later than I did and … Grrr  Teens. )

Harry made this for his dad"s birthday. AW!

HE opened his cards and present , Loved it and then said , ” Oh it looks like you got me a cockroach too, is this an extra gift.”


Yes there in the bag was a big, Thankfully dead, bug of some kind. Yuck!

On a side note: here are some pictures I’m working on. I must  have ADD as I can’t seem to stick to one at a time.

This may be finished, or I may add little black dots for eyes. I can't decide.

I have to work on BG again, hair dress ....

I haven't really decided what to do for her background, but I like the wings coming off the canvas.