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Can jellyfish make you smarter?

September 11, 2011

Over the summer, Blue definitely seemed to deteriorate. The kids were away at camp, so the house was much quieter than it usually is. It was a little sad. She’s turning 14 in November  and I think that’s 98 in dogs years!!!  Oh I hope  that’s not right.

She's so pretty!!! Sweet dog.

She has cataracts… so her eyesight is not so good anymore. But that’s ok she can still see,  but she does miss a few tasty morsels that are thrown her way. Of course Jasper takes full advantage of this. So we have to remember and make sure she still gets the treats.

She  also seemed a little confused.. When I called her she would stand and stare at my chair. She seems a little skittish. and  to be generally a little confused. Every night she seems to pace, walking around the house  for what seems like hours. Her nails click clacking on the wood floor.

Although, she still sits by my big windows at the front of the house and manages to  bark at every one who walks by… That’s her favourite thing. It drives me nuts though.

My husband recently took her to the vets and mentioned to the vet how she’s still so perky, and how long do Wheaten Terriers generally live for. ( I have no idea why he would ask the vet, when he asks me I reassure him she looks great and live for a very long time.) So the vet said ” Oh probably about 13/14 years.” My poor husband came home in  a panic. I reassured him again and told him the vet was stupid!

He seemed to respond well to that.  But this summer we have definitely seen our hyper dog slow down. But she is 14 right… So it happens a little. I’m sure that’s normal. She’s still very happy and still has tons of energy and people never guess how old she is. They are always shocked when we tell them.

So I was discussing Blue with a good friend who suggested Jelly fish supplements. Called Prevagen, her mother had given them to her dog and had seen a huge improvement. Apparently these supplements are giving to people showing signs of dementia and it helps with memory loss etc .

Honestly within a week of her having these pills, we have seen a definite difference. she seems perkier ( she was always hyper) She definitely seems more “there” than she was  this summer. When we call her she now looks right at us, instead of looking confused. Jasper’s not getting twice as many snacks as she’s a little quicker!! Which is good because jasper was looking a little chubby, he lost his girlish figure. She still paces, but she had a little arthritis , maybe that helps with stiffness. We are giving her glucosamine too.

She has managed to open my garbage and get food out. She never did that before, well only if some fool left it open. But the other day  she got in it 3 times. I know I closed it well after the 1st time. I thought I was the fool who left it open. Then I realized it was closed. Could the jelly fish be making her smarter? Smarter than she was. She was never really a smart dog, sweet, loving, pretty but not terribly clever.

So far I’m giving a thumbs up to prevagen. it was hard to find to find but I found it online although my friend said her mother got it in a drug store. Hopefully it will keep on working.



New Art Work

May 4, 2011

I’ve been busy, as I’m sure we all have. I watched the Royal Wedding. I took the day off work just to see it. It was wonderful. I love them both. It’s like a breath of fresh air to the Royals. She’s just so beautiful and elegant.

I’ve been taking a She Art class with Christy  Tomlinson. I love her, she’s so cute and her online class is great. This has also led me to the Brave Girls Club… I am quite busy right now. I should be in bed right now… yawn!!!! I will drag myself to bed in a minute. I’ll have to move Blue as she always sleeps in my spot. she won’t be happy as she thinks her rightful place is next to my husband. Jasper will snuggle up against my back or against my hubby.  He takes turns. Sweet.

A hippy girl and her dogs

     I did this in the She Art class.. but I was definitely influenced by Julie Nutting  as well.  I’m a big fan. I have learnt some great techniques in Christy”s class. I tried to add my own spin though, the dogs.

I also was inspired to paint another bike, painting. m not sure if I’ve finished yet and her’s a crow I’ve been working on…

Another bike .....

Ok I can’t get my post in order. I’m too tired to try. I have to go to bed. Its 1 am and I get up at 6….. G night.

I once saw a painting of a red crow wearing red shoes. for some reason that has always stayed with me.

I’m Radioactive…

July 16, 2010

Well, I will be.

I found out today, after some tests that I must have my thyroid zapped with radiation. The idea is to kill it off and then replace it with Synthroid or something. It’s not such a big deal, except I’ll be radioactive for a while afterwards.

What does that mean:

I can’t go within 3-5 feet of my kids! My boys are away for the duration of the contamination and My daughter will just have to get extra hugs before I’m zapped. She wonders if she may grow a second arm or something if I touch her.

I can’t go near any babies or little ones for 2 weeks. It’s my nephews birthday!

I have to use my own bathroom  for a week ( and flush 3 times!)

I can’t share phones.

I can’t prepare food for anyone, ( that one’s a bonus ) I also have to eat from paper plates etc.

I still can’t eat seafood, or have salt! This ones really tough, sushi is my favourite.

I have to be careful with laundry and my clothes. I’m contaminated!

I can’t share a bed with my husband for a few days.

The problem is that everyone else will understand except Jasper. Who sleeps next to me every night. If I sleep in another room,  my husband won’t follow me, but Jasper will. He’s roughly the size of a baby (8 lbs) although I suspect he’s put on weight since my daughter shares her snacks with him. I’ll have to ask the doctor about the dogs, as she never mentioned pets, but maybe  that means she doesn’t have any.

Some people have told me that they’ve never heard of these restrictions. It’s so confusing and now I’m getting conflicting advice. Sigh!

It all seems a little weird. Jess says I should use it to my advantage. I’m not sure how, except the cooking and doing anything for anyone. Hmm…. Maybe there’s an upside after all.

Well If I’m to be quarantined, I might use it as a time to paint.

Here is a photo I took of my son, husband and friend at the beach running through the birds. They had SO much fun. Some people weren’t so happy.(Apologies to them) But how often do you get to run through a huge flock of birds. It’s such a kid thing to do. It makes me happy to remember this….. So I’m adding it to the post… My little guy is the one in blue. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Poor Blue

July 4, 2010

Blue my Wheaten Terrier  will be 13 in november. Most people are shocked when they learn this as she still acts like a young dog. We joke that she should have a dogmitzvah this year. A big celebration for her age.

For the most part she has plenty of energy, especially when the mailman or garbage men come to the house. As much as the crazy barking drives me nuts I know they make her day. It’s when she goes barmy at the little old men (or anyone ) for that matter walking by the house that drives me crazy.

Sometimes she just lays around  sleeping , which in my opinion is a very dog like thing to do. My son panics a little when he sees this, as he thinks it means she’s too old and has no energy (and he doesn’t like where that may go!)  I then have to reassure him that she goes bananas at anyone who walks by the house, and we’ve had people doing work  and move in across the street, which as you can imagine has entertained Blue no end.

But sometimes her age creeps in, sometimes maybe once a week, Blue will come to me with her back all twisted and walking on 3 legs. Poor Blue. I think she has back spasms. She comes to me to massage out her back. Its funny, even when the house is full, she will seek me out. I guess I’m the mum of the whole family.

So I massage her back, stretching it out and when she feels better she goes outside for a run.  Then she seems her normal, perky, barky, doggy self .

Downward dog Blue

Sleepy Blue

Graduation, dogs and art.

June 23, 2010

Well, my youngest  had his graduation ceremony today. It was lovely.  It was a little hot with everyone packed into a small auditorium without  air conditioning. I’m almost positive, Thank goodness for the  brochure  that we all used to fan ourselves. We rushed to lunch and then back again for the 5th grade party. with a DJ, dancers and sunglasses giveaways. Ooooo!

As Yearbook Chair, I was excited to hand out the yearbooks… The kids get so excited, which makes me feel great about the work we put into the book.

My dogs have been cute and crazy, I have a video of the excitement at “Walk Time”. When Jasper gets So excited he grabs Blue’s lead and tries to take her for a walk. I just have to edit it and take out my horrible voice.

Here’s a picture of jasper laughing. I’m serious he looks like he’s chuckling. (He definitely was)

Don't tell me he's not laughing.

I’m obsessed with song by Michael Posner right now, called “You think you’re cooler than me. ” I love it. I listen to it over and over and over.

I’ve been working on some paintings, all minis. I don’t think that will help me with my art show. I  have all sorts of ideas about painting and collageing, I just  can’t quite seem to stay on one path.

Here’s a pig I made. I do love flying pigs.

It’s a little washed out, I like that. It started about being brighter.

Butt Bumping

June 17, 2010

I’m not quite sure if “Butt Bumping” is the correct term. I have no idea what else to call it.

It’s when jasper, my Yorkie starts bumping his hips back against something or someone, as he’s “talking to me .”

He’s a very verbal dog, I may have mentioned this before. he will start following me around at 3pm trying to convince me it’s dinner time. He will make little noises that are very hard to describe. They are not really whines, or barks more like a yodel coming from his throat.

My daughter thinks it’s so funny, she once taped him with her phone, and threatens to use it as a ring tone.  I have tried to capture it on video so I can post it, but every time the camera comes out, he stops. He must be camera-shy. I am  determined though.

Back to the butt bumping, I googled it and one post said it was his way of showing affection, Hmmm.  Another  said he was trying to be the alpha dog.

I think he does it when he’s trying to communicate. It’s fairly new, he’s been doing this for about a year now. He makes eye contact with who ever he wants to communicate  with, and then “talks” and butts his hips into whoever is sitting behind him.

Some of my son’s friends thought he was humping, But I’ve seen that and this is not that! Thank goodness, We’ve never had that problem, except with a certain stuffed animal that shall remain nameless and “disappeared ” a long time ago.

If anyone out there knows more than me , please share.

This post isn't about her, but I couldn't leave her out.

Jasper watching squirrels

Spring Walk Through and Thunder Storms

May 28, 2010

Today we  had our annual school event for my 10-year-old son. We’re invited to visit and look at everyone’s hard work  plastered over the walls. I like going , but as my kids get older they all try to wriggle out of it.

Just before we left there was a thunderstorm, which Jasper hates. It was sunny all day and the  last few days were brutally hot, so I suppose we were due a storm.

Here’s Jasper enjoying the sun and fast growing grass.

We looked everywhere  for Jasper as we needed to leave and get to the school on time.

Finally we found him cowering under my bed…. Poor baby.

Blue was fine. Nothing phases her except the sound of falling dishes.

Bobby Jack Russell

May 1, 2010

I’ve been trying my hand at some Pop Art  style paintings.

This reminds me of a dog we had when I was a child. I  loved  him so much.

Bobby Jack Russell loved me too, but  unfortunately he didn’t  seem to love  all the  other kids that came through our house,  he  would try to bite them.  So sadly my parents  decided that  he couldn’t stay with us  anymore.

I can’t remember where he went. But I remember being really  sad.

Now of course as an adult, I know I couldn’t have a dog that disliked children in my house. However I still have a soft spot for Jack Russell’s.

Doggy Diaper

March 12, 2010


I’ve finally weakened and put my dog in a diaper. It’s quite embarrassing for both me and Jasper. He hates it. His ears go back and his head drops when he sees me coming with the dreaded diaper.

I’m sure it a massive blow to Jasper’s mastiff size ego, (even though he’s a yorkie) but I’m desperate.

For the longest time I could smell pee in my house. I thought my sons were real slobs as their bathroom stank like a men’s urinal, yuck.

They in turn, blamed each other for missing the toilet. It was awful.

My living room didn’t particularly smell fresh either. And then I found it, the underneath of the bath mat was covered in yellow spots. Eww

I wasnot happy, but at the same time thrilled my sons were able to pee straight.

Well, I got to thinking, as I crawled around the house on my hands and knees and found a few other spots.

The back of my couch; Shock.

The legs of the coffee table; Horror.

He’d even manage to warp some furniture with his pee. Despair!

He pees a lot outside too so he must have a bladder the size of a peanut.

The vet checked him out and no, boy dogs don’t get urine infections. Apparently Yorkies are just hard to house train…… Aaagh.

The vet suggested a diaper. I laughed in his face… Seriously was he nuts?

Jasper is 6, way past house breaking age. I loved my little pain in the butt, but I was not happy.

So I suffered for at least another year….. It was awful. There had to be

something wrong.  A few more trips to the vet and we ruled out lots of stuff…… and still nothing.

Finally in a moment of desperation I bought a diaper!  Just 2 weeks before my brother came to visit me from the UK. Bad timing… and if you know brothers you know they are relentless when teasing. I knew he would make so much fun of me…. for putting a diaper on a dog, and he was relentless.

I do take it off if we are having lots of company. Although, I have tried to pass it off as a back brace, but no one’s buying that.

Well needless to say, my house doesn’t smell bad anymore, he still sneaks off to pee, and sometimes  I get fooled into thinking he’s being good,  so I  forget to put the diaper on.

I think I will always have to use it. He can pee in the diaper 3 or 4 times a day, and still pee outside a lot!

Do dogs have prostate trouble? Well lets look on the bright side, when he gets older and he becomes incontinent, I’ll already have that covered.