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Illustration Friday – Bicycle

April 28, 2011

Well, here’s my Illustration Friday post.  Bicycle.


When I was a kid, for some crazy reason I was not allowed to have a bike. My brothers had really cool BMX bikes, like the ones in the ET movie. They used to take it to an area with hills and fly over them. It looked like great fun.

When I was old enough to leave home I bought my own bike. I liked riding it. The problem was once I learnt to ride it I was never very confident.  So that petered out. Then I went to a vacation spot in England called Centre Parks. Where they didn’t allow any cars and everyone rode bikes. That was cool. Jess was a baby and sat behind me on in a bike seat. I was much more confident without cars.

Fast forward to today, I still don’t ride bikes. I’m nervous with the cars. My kids ride though. So does my husband. Maybe one day i will.

But I do love bikes. They are very cool, I like the older looking ones that you can imagine someone riding with flowers or french bread in basket, even a cute little dog.