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Illustration Friday-layer

February 22, 2011

I’m on vacation, so  I have time during the day when the boys are skiing and snowboarding. I had a lot of fun with this challenge.

Although I’m sure I’m not original with the subject of the “princess and the pea” But I’ve always loved it. So here it is…….

The Princess and the Pea.



Taking the Day Off

January 9, 2011

Well, My husband and 2 boys decided to go skiing today. They had to leave at 4.30am ( I was in bed still….. Zzzzz) If you ask me that’s dedication. They took a coach bus, so he wouldn’t have to drive. I helped get the iPods and snacks ready the night before.

They went to Mount Snow In Vermont. It’s about a 4 hour drive by car, so at least my husband gets to relax on the road. Harry wasn’t too keen on the long drive, but agreed to go if he could have waffles from his favourite waffle place there, on the mountain.

Jess was working so I had the whole day planned. I was going to see a movie; “Season of the Witch” with Nicolas Cage. Nobody wants to see it, so I was excited to see a 10.30 am showing by myself. I love that, it’s such a treat.

I wasn’t going to let anyone know I was alone, because then they’ll think I need company. (I don’t)

I had Fatbook pages and ATC cards to make. ( didn’t do those) errands to run; food and Dick Blick’s art store. ( I did that and bought way more stuff than I meant to) I love that place, it’s a little piece of heaven. And I went to A.C Moore for black cardstock.(bought way more stuff than I meant to.) I was going to make Fatbook pages out of cardboard and pull off the top layer so you could see the corrugated bits, but that’s not working.

I also wrapped up the Christmas decorations that have been laying delicately on my 12 pack of bounty paper towel, while I walked by them everyday.

I know I could have been so much more productive with my day, but eh!

I have been working on some more artwork, and I actually sent some files to be printed rather than try to print it out myself. My computer doesn’t match the colours on my printer, so frustrating! Plus, let’s be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Here is a very handy printing tutorial I found by Shonna on “Twisted Figures” blog. Check it out.

Suzi Blu Art

October 8, 2010

One of the things I am probably most happiest about discovering on the web was Suzi Blu, amongst many other things of course.  Let me explain…….. I like to draw.  I always have done and I was always partial  to doodling pretty girls faces.  This has probably been for as long as I remember. Often when I’m on a long and tedious phone call  ( like to an insurance company at work)  I draw pretty girls.  Sometimes you can tell how the phone call is going by the faces I draw. sometimes cute, cute ugly and even a few just ugly ones. Most of them at work are on post it notes.

ugly girls lacking hair...

Post it girls... apart from the bottom 2

I’ve even kept a few and tried to paint them for ATC cards. or just because. I’ve been using watercolour pencils…  Either way it’s relaxing to me. Even during TV shows. Most of the time it’s just a drawing and forgotten about. Ah, and here  is where we get to the Suzi bit.

Since I have taken a few of her classes, I have talked about her in previous blog posts. Sometimes I feel that those girls can become something else or not, but it’s so much fun. I’ve also just bought a wood burning tool  and I am drawing said pretty girls on wood. So much fun But it may have set off my carbon dioxide alarm.Weird!

Suzi has taught me all sorts of new techniques…melting wax, prisma pencils, and lining up eyes and mouths. I’ve learned  that the drawings don’t need to be discarded. and to just experiment. Not to worry about being judged. ( I’m sure there are many people who think…. “What the heck is she drawing and why.” “What’s  the point..”

Well, thank you Suzi!! I am currently taking her Mermaid Course. I love me some Mermaids. I have however been racing ahead, but the beauty is I get to keep her video classes forever. and she’s funny to boot.

Also check out her web site for a Butterfly Project that lots of people are involved in.

Or Two Dress Studio. They are also involved and will take photos of all the butterflies they receive before they send it off to the exhibition for 1.5 million handmade butterflies for  the 1,500,000 innocent children lost in the Holocaust. In 2013 there will be  an amazing exhibition of all these butterflies.

Art and Birthdays

September 9, 2010

It’s my husband’s birthday today…. He’s a little weird about birthdays. I’m not sure why.  He likes to fly under the radar and not really be acknowledged much.( Except family)  His mother tried to organize a 40th birthday party a few years ago, after I talked her out of a surprise party ( The Horror)  HE refused the offer.

He likes to give and receive 3 or 4 cards and he’s hard to buy for. But he’s recently lost quite a bit of weight and looks great. So clothes are a good choice at the moment. I bought him a great vintage Giants sweatshirt. He loved it, Phew!

I got into bed last night realizing that I hadn’t got the kids to sign the cards. It was 1am. My 15-year-old was awake

(don’t ask me why, he’s still in summer mode and there was no school today or tomorrow) So I got him to sign , but Jess and Harry were  asleep . Of course they were.

So I padded off  retrieve the cards and  wrap the present. I had a gift bag with football stuff on it, perfect. I rolled the Giant sweatshirt ( it was still a large) and stuffed it in the bag. got jack to sign the card had a little argument about not showering at  and went to bed.

The next morning HE had  left for the gym early (yes that’s how he lost all his weight). So I got the other kids to sign and Harry painted a picture for him. He came back ( all sweaty) and we gave him  his gift. ( Jack refused to get up, but then he went to bed later than I did and … Grrr  Teens. )

Harry made this for his dad"s birthday. AW!

HE opened his cards and present , Loved it and then said , ” Oh it looks like you got me a cockroach too, is this an extra gift.”


Yes there in the bag was a big, Thankfully dead, bug of some kind. Yuck!

On a side note: here are some pictures I’m working on. I must  have ADD as I can’t seem to stick to one at a time.

This may be finished, or I may add little black dots for eyes. I can't decide.

I have to work on BG again, hair dress ....

I haven't really decided what to do for her background, but I like the wings coming off the canvas.

August 5, 2010

I’ve been busy busy, although I’m not sure what I’ve accomplished. I haven’t even had much time to blog hop and I love doing that. I really enjoy seeing what everyone else has been up to.

I’ve signed up for Suzi Blu’s Mermaid Class. Yay. I love mermaids. Here’s one I made of Jess in Photoshop, just for fun. She loves mermaids too.When she was little and people asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would reply, ” A mermaid.”  with a serious face.

The Little Mermaid is  of course her favorite Princess.

Here”s a great mermaid from Karin Taylor

Mermaid by Karin Taylor

She’s great and so colourful.

There are  so many cool mermaids around.

Here’s another one from Redbubble by Shannon Rene. She’s making reference to the terrible oil in the Gulf.

"We didn't ask for this" by Shannon Rene

Well that’s it for mermaids right now.

On another note, my little Art Show is finished. I took down the paintings yesterday. The opening was at the beginning of July. So I kind of forgot about the photo they took. This week my friends kept telling me I was in the local newspaper. I checked my copy and here it was …. Big!!   As I looked at it, it occurred to me that the nicest thing of all was that many of my friends came out that night and were in the picture too. They are so sweet. I love them all.

can you spot me, I’m in the middle with a spotty dress.

July 31, 2010

I have a Caribbean themed party to go to tonight.

What to wear, Oh what to wear.

This morning after my shower I put on some fake tan. As I mentioned before my fair English skin doesn’t tan so well.

We then ran out to my nephew’s fourth birthday party. I can be around people now my radioactivity is at a minimum…. Yay, (I fussed over the dogs today and petted and rubbed and tickled. I had to hold myself back, I’ve missed them. Jasper positively squealed with delight that I hadn’t forgot him. Blue is far less needy.

As we left for the birthday party, my daughter pointed out that I was sparkly  in the sun like a twilight vampire.

“You do realize you’re too old to sparkle.” She said.

Hmm I’m never too old to sparkle I thought.

And sparkle I did. However I probably wouldn’t  have bought self-tanner with sparkles if I’d known ….. honest!

I’ve been working on my petite dolls class with Suzi Blu. So much fun.

and this is what I’ve got;

2 new faces... we are introducing colour now. ('m really NOT liking the nose on the bottom one.)

Heres also one on board. Mixed media, I want to put string on it, like she’s a marionette. I have a lot of work to do on this one. The background is definitely fighting with her. I’m being quite naughty and ignoring the 2 commissions I have. Which had better change soon.

just so you know, I have to work on this, especially the background.

I wish there were endless hours in the day, there’s So much to do and So little time. I know I’m not the first to say this. But it’s true. Sometimes I stay up so late, to the wee hours when there’s no noise but the house creaking.. creepy. But the I suffer the next day, I’m so tired.

I’m Taking a New Online Class……

July 27, 2010

heads for homework

Here’s my homework..  I have to practice faces, then colour and blend. I’m working on that….

With my confinement to the house this weekend,

( my husband went to the beach, my daughter to work and don’t forget my boys are at camp) I was climbing the walls. Who knew we needed people around ….

I surfed and surfed the internet, until I was dizzy, BUT I came across a wonderful online class. I signed up immediately , and I’m so happy  I did. I’m having so much fun….

Her name is Suzi Blu, maybe you’ve heard of her?  Suzi has a website called  Les Petite Academy. She has a whole bunch of classes, very reasonably priced. I’m taking the petit dolls class. She’s teaching me how to make pretty pretty doll type figures… I’m having SO much fun. I have my eye on the mermaid class next  ( of course )

Suzi is so cute and teaches through fun videos…   It’s a totally different style for me; folky arty doll types

And here’s my homework again, I love Photoshop…..

I love Photoshop....

click to enlarge

Paintings I’m working on.

July 22, 2010

I have several on the go at the same time. 2  are commissions.

I made a Jerry Garcia painting for someone before and now he wants a portrait of Trey  the lead singer from Phish. Should be fun.


Second is a dog portrait of 2 dogs, Shelties ; Austin and Emily , Aren’t they beautiful.

Third I’m just working on one for myself. I’ve been so inspired by the amazing artists I’ve seen, That I’m going to try a bigger mixed media piece. I have a background but I’m not happy with it, so I’m going to add some things to it like different kinds of paper. I do love it when people use print of some kind,   some more paint and go from there.

I’m not sure whether to go with a bright background and bright birds or more muted… decisions! decisions!

And the background, well here’s one I painted earlier.( Incase any of you recognize Blue Peter, which is an old English kids TV show.)

I had painted a bunch of backgrounds and this one has been sitting on the easel just staring at me…

Take no notice of the little bird sitting in the corner. Although I’m sure he’s watching me too, as he’s not finished. He thinks I’ve given up on him.

I kept waiting for inspiration.. and then the birds fluttered in, as you can see above all sitting on the branch. But now I think the blue background’s all wrong. So we’ll see where it goes.

Beach and Relaxation!

July 19, 2010

I went to the beach yesterday. It was beautiful. The weather in New York has been really Hot and Humid. More so than usual. At the beach there was a lovely breeze. It’s always fun to see the little kids playing. The seagulls trying to swipe food. and people just so relaxed. I’m a real people watcher.

I have typically English skin so I hide out under my Umbrella.. My husband is much darker and tans easily. So he doesn’t need to share with me. In fact nobody ever wants to share the shade with me. Fine by me! I finished my book, “The girl who Kicked the hornet’s nest.” by Larssen.  I loved it.

Sometimes when my kids are with me I inevitably have my camera and I take sneaky pictures of people to paint later. I have to be careful, I’m sure people would be mad if they caught me.

This is one of my sneaky pictures, that I painted.


Here are some beach art from other artists.

Beach Boys by Vicky Mount on Red Bubble

I love this Painting of seagulls by Vicky Mount. She captured their expressions just right….

Scuba Diver By Karin Taylor on Redbubble

Here’s another artist on redbubble. Karin Taylor

Beach Buddies by Vickie Wade On Etsy.

Mermaid by Geralyn Chouinard

Check out Geralyn’s Blog.. I do love Mermaids…. and Dogs.

Basset Hound at the beach By DJ Rogers On Etsy

To Paint or Not to Paint…..

July 13, 2010

This week I haven’t been painting… I’ve been too busy, although I have no idea with what. Work… Meh!  Oh and I’ve been on the treadmill twice!!

I don’t actually have a studio, it’s my kitchen table. My husband is not too thrilled about it and asked the other day, when we will have out kitchen table  back. Hmmph.

I cleaned it up when we had some visitors and I think that’s the reason why I haven’t been painting. Because I would have to take all of the paints out again. My easel is still out though. The summer’s the perfect time as my two boys are away at summer camp – It’s Visiting day this Saturday… YAY! I have so much stuff to bring and my camera of course.

In the summer I also  feel as if I don’t  have to cook  everyday when they are away. (Much to my husband and daughter’s annoyance.) Although they are quite capable. They’re both grownups, Jessica is almost 20. I’ll cook chicken and vegetables or a salad , but that’s it.  I hate cooking anyway, I’m not very good at it and I’d much rather be painting. I’m often stumped by the thought of dinner and call my friend saying” I have chicken, what can I cook.” she is an amazing cook and gets it. She also knows how fussy my family are.

I may not have a studio, but I do have a “Man Cave ” as my daughter calls it. It’s stuffed with so many art supplies. Glass for the mosaics I’ll get around to, Paint, brushes,  blank canvases and books and don’t forget my trusty paint covered apron.

Fly Pig fly

I’m Posting flying pigs, to remind me to paint and how it makes me happy.

Paint Collette Paint.

Here are a few pics of my Man Cave ….

My trusty easel and waiting canvases.

My daughter was watching the very last episode of  “The Hills” in the background.

I’m also not sure what to paint, although I feel a mermaid coming on.