Time just flies…

I cannot believe my last post was October 3rd. Where have I been?

I’ll tell you where I’ve been, Obsessed with Pinterest.Any  spare time I have that I sit on the computer is usually taken up with blogging, reading blogs I subscribe to by google reader (why have they changed their format waaaa) and commenting.

This is the best sign I've seen.... (via pinterest)

I have still been reading your blogs, I so enjoy that, but I haven’t taken the time to comment… sorry!

So I’m thinking, how am I writing this blog today? I’ll tell you how, I haven’t gone on Pinterest yet this morning.

Don’t get me wrong…. I LOVE PINTEREST. It’s so pretty  and  so relaxing for some reason. I see beautiful pictures, Learn amazing things.  There is new things to see, constantly, talk about feed my ADD.

I have made several recipes that my family have actually eaten!!!!!!  But once I check it out  I can’t get off. I love all the craft and do-it-yourself ideas.

You can check it out  without being a member , but you can’t repin anything you like to your own boards. Which I love because if I see anything interesting I want to try later , I just save it to my board and can go back at anytime when I’m ready, instead of having to save it on my own computer or search the internet all over again. So then when you click that picture it take you to the original internet source and information. I also follow other people, so I see their fave things. Oh my!!!!

Pinterest what have you done to me?

cats with heart tails ... seriously.

I send cute little animal pictures to my daughter, as love texts. when she’s working late etc.. sometimes we have a little cute text battle going on. I think I’m winning.

They look so yummy... I'm gonna make them.

If you want to become a member you must have an invitation, I’m not sure why. So just send me an email and I’ll send you an invite…. if you think you are made of stronger stuff than me that is and it won’t take over your life.

I haven’t even managed to post anything new to Illustration Friday In about a month. I’m such a slacker! here’s my Zombie mermaid I was going to post for last week’s Scary theme.

Zombie Mermaid. I would say I'm being influenced by my favourite show: Walking Dead on Sundays AMC.

I am off to a soccer game for Harry soon, I drove to Brewster for a hockey game for Jack yesterday, It’s at least 55 miles away. I had no clue where I was going , thank goodness for GPS.. Also the highway was pitch black on the way home. I’m such a wimp.  But seriously why no lights on the side of the road.

I’m posting this now ( even though now I have started I’ve  started so much to say)   This way it wont stay in my saved drafts and get forgotten.

I will try to wean myself off of Pinterest.  I’ll try to restrict myself..



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One Response to “Time just flies…”

  1. Owlsight Says:

    The zombie mermaid is great!

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