Illustration Friday-Mesmerizing

Here’s my Illustration friday picture -Mesmerizing.


I used water colours and then some markers  and then because  I think I messed it up , I put a warming filter on it in Photo shop to clam it down. Here’s the original sketch that I drew and painted  while watching X-factor , Up all night and Modern family….. too many shows to watch.


I hated that big purple mark on her left side.

On a different note, this a monkey picture I’m working on. I have a series of them… i ever get anything finished.

Don’t be scared , I haven’t put eyes on her yet. I’m not leaving it that way. I’m not sure why. I think I’m scared !!!! Of ruining it, Because  I quite like how  it’s turning out. Silly I know.

Monkey see no evil!!!!!!



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10 Responses to “Illustration Friday-Mesmerizing”

  1. ruth Says:

    I think both versions look great!

  2. jacqueline Says:

    Dearest sweet Collette, she is so beautiful tho i really adore the “after” Mesmerizing. 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy friday and love to you!

  3. veeyah17 Says:

    Awesome drawing! 🙂 It feels so light and… mesmerizing. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my entry for IF. 🙂

  4. Hannah Sommerville Says:

    This is such a lovely illustration. I really like what you have done with it in photoshop. Really warms it up.

  5. Christine Mix Says:

    Hi Collette – thanks for the comments on my blog- I’m glad because now I’m checking your art and blog – I love your idea for this weeks Mesmerizing for IF – the girl is adorable. – and so are those butterflies. Happy Fall!

  6. Mindful Drawing Says:

    I’m not sure you messed it up. However, now you have a bright modern and a warm old-fashioned mesmerizing version. 🙂

  7. Sylvia Drown (Baxter's Mom) Says:

    Collette! I love both versions…but maybe the fist one a little more. Monkey is wonderful!!!

  8. Alli Says:

    I really like both versions 🙂 they give the pictures a different feel to each of them. Can’t wait to see the monkey finished! 😀

  9. stephanie Says:

    what a beautiful illustration. =)

  10. michelle Says:

    lovely! i really like how you warmed her up. are you going to Artfest??? xo-michelle

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