Illustration Friday- Boundaries

The theme this week is: boundaries…. I say our imagination should have no boundaries.

This is what I keep telling myself. So I’m sticking to it.

Meanwhile on a side note, I would love to whine about my frustrations with trying to create a treasury list for Etsy.

Grrrr I can have a whole bunch listed and then I may put the etsy item url just slightly over the box and it loses every item that just took me ages to build in my list. It’s then gone for good. I must have tried to make as many as 15 treasuries and I haven’t finished one yet.

I certainly have my boundaries have that’s concerned. Waaah!





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6 Responses to “Illustration Friday- Boundaries”

  1. ruth Says:

    Sorry to hear about your treasury troubles. I’ve never had that happen before. Weird.

    I usually open all of the items I want to add in their own tabs. Then I create my treasury in its own browser tab. I keep all of the tabs open until the treasury is done. That way, if I lose any of the items, I can just flip back through the tabs to find the URL again.

    I have no idea if what I just wrote makes any sense. Heh.

  2. spindelmaker Says:

    Itยดs better to have technical computer-boundaries than brain-wave imagination boundaries. Love your girl. She could star in the musical “Hairspray” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Alli Says:

    I completely agree with imagination having no boundaries ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise I guess that we wouldn’t have any imagination. (Hope that made sense. hee hee)

    I have never made a treasury on etsy, so unfortunately I am no help ๐Ÿ˜ฆ maybe the faq on etsy might have some help? I hope that it works out for you!

    Love the painting for this week. Those birds are so adorable!

  4. jacqueline Says:

    Dearest sweet Collette , this piece “Boundaries” is really gorgeous and she is beautiful!
    So sorry to hear about your treasury troubles…i hit the same problem all the time and finally just gave up. hehe
    Have a lovely merry happy monday and a beautiful week! Love to you!

  5. Janet Says:

    She is lovely, and I love the little birds that have taken up residence in her hair.
    I hope you get your treasury list completed soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Computers and technology can bring us so much joy but when it is playing up itโ€™s incredibly frustrating… Maybe its because we rely on them so much ….

  6. Aurora Gritti (@LaPiccolaAux) Says:

    I really love this one! Great job!

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