Can jellyfish make you smarter?

Over the summer, Blue definitely seemed to deteriorate. The kids were away at camp, so the house was much quieter than it usually is. It was a little sad. She’s turning 14 in November  and I think that’s 98 in dogs years!!!  Oh I hope  that’s not right.

She's so pretty!!! Sweet dog.

She has cataracts… so her eyesight is not so good anymore. But that’s ok she can still see,  but she does miss a few tasty morsels that are thrown her way. Of course Jasper takes full advantage of this. So we have to remember and make sure she still gets the treats.

She  also seemed a little confused.. When I called her she would stand and stare at my chair. She seems a little skittish. and  to be generally a little confused. Every night she seems to pace, walking around the house  for what seems like hours. Her nails click clacking on the wood floor.

Although, she still sits by my big windows at the front of the house and manages to  bark at every one who walks by… That’s her favourite thing. It drives me nuts though.

My husband recently took her to the vets and mentioned to the vet how she’s still so perky, and how long do Wheaten Terriers generally live for. ( I have no idea why he would ask the vet, when he asks me I reassure him she looks great and live for a very long time.) So the vet said ” Oh probably about 13/14 years.” My poor husband came home in  a panic. I reassured him again and told him the vet was stupid!

He seemed to respond well to that.  But this summer we have definitely seen our hyper dog slow down. But she is 14 right… So it happens a little. I’m sure that’s normal. She’s still very happy and still has tons of energy and people never guess how old she is. They are always shocked when we tell them.

So I was discussing Blue with a good friend who suggested Jelly fish supplements. Called Prevagen, her mother had given them to her dog and had seen a huge improvement. Apparently these supplements are giving to people showing signs of dementia and it helps with memory loss etc .

Honestly within a week of her having these pills, we have seen a definite difference. she seems perkier ( she was always hyper) She definitely seems more “there” than she was  this summer. When we call her she now looks right at us, instead of looking confused. Jasper’s not getting twice as many snacks as she’s a little quicker!! Which is good because jasper was looking a little chubby, he lost his girlish figure. She still paces, but she had a little arthritis , maybe that helps with stiffness. We are giving her glucosamine too.

She has managed to open my garbage and get food out. She never did that before, well only if some fool left it open. But the other day  she got in it 3 times. I know I closed it well after the 1st time. I thought I was the fool who left it open. Then I realized it was closed. Could the jelly fish be making her smarter? Smarter than she was. She was never really a smart dog, sweet, loving, pretty but not terribly clever.

So far I’m giving a thumbs up to prevagen. it was hard to find to find but I found it online although my friend said her mother got it in a drug store. Hopefully it will keep on working.



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2 Responses to “Can jellyfish make you smarter?”

  1. Alli Says:

    This is really neat to learn about. I had no idea that they even had something like this for dogs. My cat just turned 18 and is starting to have some “memory” issues 😦 I wonder if this works for cats? I’m glad to hear that this has been so successful for you!

  2. Dianne Forrest Trautmann Says:

    Glad to hear Blue is improving. Do you give Blue the entire capsule? Did you consult with the vet first? I’m very interested because my Scottish Terrier Cailean is starting to show signs of confusion/being off (she’s 11).

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