Illustration Friday- Disguise

This is a picture that I did a while ago. I was In a chick phase. I made a whole bunch of silly chicks.

In disguise

This reminds me of Jess when she was younger.We recently came across a whole load of photos of Jess. Most were naked, she loved to strip and run.(Like a streaker. does anyone remember that song. “They called him the streak!” I think.) There were SO many. With hats, tiara’s and of course fairy wings. Lots of naked fairies. Tons of Jess poking her tongue out at the camera too. I have those shots from 1-year-old to her  current  age of 21. A whole series of them. I think it’s a theme.

We found a picture that I will not post here, with Jess, half-naked, cheekily showing her bum to the camera, but wearing a Groucho Marx  nose and glasses.  She joked that she could post it on Facebook.( the horror)  I said she actually could, because at least she was in disguise!!!!!

Totally in disguise


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8 Responses to “Illustration Friday- Disguise”

  1. ruth Says:

    Adorable illustration! I have a little streaker myself. He loves his ‘naked time.’ Heh.

  2. Chibi Janine Says:

    Have to say I have a little streaker and it is so funny when all he was wearing was a pair of sunglasses. The Joys of children. Love your happy chicks they are really cute.

  3. EV Says:

    ha! so cute

  4. blackbrownsocks Says:

    Your illustration brought a smile to my face. Love them chicks~

  5. Diana Evans Says:

    oh this is the cutest post ever!!!! love your take and thanks for sharing the sweet photo!!!! what a riot!!!

  6. illustratedbyamanda Says:

    Very cute chicks – I particularly like the exuberant, levitating one in the middle!

  7. amandadilworth Says:

    I love your chicks, so cute even in disguise:)

  8. faruffa Says:

    this is adorable!!!!!!!1

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