Morning Spider

I am an animal lover. Some who know me might say I’m crazy as I like bugs etc too. I do. I think they are very cool. I am also the official scooper of the bug. When there’s a poor unfortunate bug in the house amid screams , I’m there with my trusty cup to scoop it up and let it outside. In fact my family know I don’t like killing bugs especially spiders, as I think they are lucky. I’m not sure why, something from my childhood, I’m sure.

Sorry to all you bug phobes out there reading this post…. 

Some spider has decided to live in my doorway. I’ve let it be for a while. But the tiny web has somehow turned into a thick web, so that when I open my door every morning I’m hit in the face with this web!!!!! Ugh, Even I have my limits. The other morning after a particularly webby web stranded on my face and hair … I kind of freaked out. Seriously  I can’t even scoop the little fellow and put him anywhere. He seems to prefer my door and he’s huge, I’ve seen him as he scurries back behind the frame.

So I grabbed my broom which seems to have taken permanent residence by the front door, and brushed all the webs away , while shrieking madly. The dogs were  jumping and barking madly at me through the window, I’m sure the neighbour’s were laughing. I’m only glad my husband was in the shower and Jess was asleep. I would never have heard the last of it.

Every day I’m sweeping the webs away. Don’t get me wrong  I appreciate the hard work it takes to build these webs… probably all night. So you think this spider, let’s call him Rover, would have got the hint by now. That every morning  some crazy lady will sweep away his hard work. But no. Let’s rename him stubborn or stupid or maybe he’s just getting revenge.

This morning I  came out to an added web on the broom handle…. gaaaar.

Anyway, I have a few movie reviews: Harry Potter… loved it.

Crazy Stupid Love…. I liked it a lot.

Planet of the Apes…. I loved it, I’m a huge planet of the apes fan. ( and all type of end of world/ civilization  as we know it movies)

I’m not sure I’m the best movie critic, I like most movies ( I didn’t like the Black Swan)

I’m seeing Sara’s Key, tonight. I can’t wait, I read the book.

And tomorrow I’m seeing  The Help. I read that book too.  My boys come back saturday, and although I’m so excited to see them, my movie fest will be over.

Jess is finally on the mend. She’s had Mono…. and been so sick… poor baby. If you get a chance check out her blog… it’s all about her favourite thing… clothes. (She’ll probably kill me if she knew I did this)

Speaking of clothes.. these are the boots I’m drooling after.

Aren't they beautiful....

Now of course as an artist I always look at something and say …”Can I do that.” I know

I’m not the only one  … and I mean all of you arty lot out there too. But I just don’t think so. They are hugely expensive and the flowers are embroidered… Waaaaaa I want them so bad. SO I’ll just have to keep on dreaming.

It’s my son’s 16th birthday today, Happy Birthday Jack and Jess will be 21 on the 19th… WOW time flies.



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4 Responses to “Morning Spider”

  1. alysse Says:

    What?! Dude, these gorgeous boots are embroidered?? Yow! I assumed they were painted. I have my old doc martins and saving them to paint them. I was thinking flowers or something really bright and fun and unexpected. Maybe you can find a pair of boots to paint up like this! We can paint at the same time, with a deadline and do a big reveal, if you think that would be fun.

    I painted boots for a friend with acrylic and metallic fabric paints. They came out wonderfully. She loves them. 🙂

  2. Sylvia Drown (Baxter's Mom) Says:

    Yuk…on the spiders! But, I LOVE the boots!!!!

  3. Morgaine Swann Says:

    Life is short – if it won’t put you out of house and home, buy the boots. You’ve earned them doing battle with Rover. LOL

  4. Alli Says:

    I’m a scooper too. I’m usually made fun of for it, but I just can’t smash little bugs or spiders. Sorry that you have a stubborn spider, the comment about how he built a web on the broom made me giggle 🙂 Hope that he will relocate soon. Oh! and those boots are so cute! 😀

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