Atlanta, Georgia

I went to Atlanta with my really good friend Kim. She works for Aflac and won this trip. Her husband couldn’t go… So I went instead.

We left early Thursday morning and got back Sunday afternoon. We had so much fun. Met some wonderful people who dragged us out  when it was way past my bed time. Danced so much I have blisters!!!! Ouch. Drank a little too much wine. That’s when I realize I’m not so young anymore.

I mentioned in my last post.. all from my iphone, that we went to Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles which was delicious. we had fried green tomatoes.. Yum

This was on Diners, Drives and Drive-ins


Fried Green Tomatoes












The hotel was beautiful. The Marriot Marquis. Over 40 floors and spectacular to look at all those floors.

Over 40 floors. We were on the 30th floor.

We didn’t get to the aquarium .. too long a wait , but my friend took this beautiful picture..

just Beautiful

And last but not least I couldn’t resist this delicious cheesecake.

Hard to resist....

I am very behind on with my online Art Classes and I wanted to take others… Oh well.

 Art fest has just come out with it’s schedule…so many amazing classes to choose from. I also have to see if my room mates from last year want to share again.

Also, my air conditioner is on the blink..and it’s so hot!!!!!

I’m going off to melt now!




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  1. Jess Says:

    i like your doggie bloggie!!

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