Illustration friday- Stay

A double post today. Here’s my illustration friday post…  Stay





9 Responses to “Illustration friday- Stay”

  1. Patti Gay Says:

    fun use of text in your design.

  2. Sylvia Drown (Baxter's Mom) Says:

    I love your girls with their dogs!!!

  3. michele Says:

    Great collage, and a good doggie who stays!
    And boy, can I relate to your “real- liffe” pics from your studio… Everything’s there to start creating! :o)

  4. Lori Anderson Says:

    I absolute wish I could draw — on my top ten “I wish I could” list!

  5. holly Says:

    Thank you for visiting me! I love this piece! Of course I love the extra addition of the sweet little four-legged. How cute!

  6. JS Daniel Says:

    This is a lovely collage! Love the colors used here.

  7. juliethompson Says:

    OH I crakced up when I saw the “man cave “closet in the post below!!!

  8. Alli Says:

    This is so cute! I love the little scottie dog 😀

  9. Terri G. Says:

    Love love love this!

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