Illustration Friday – Remedy

Here’s my post for Illustration Friday. I want to say early, which it is, but I’m also posting last weeks: Midsummer Nights as I wasn’t quite finished…. so today will be two for one. Kind of.

Here’s the first one – Remedy.  I’m not sure what happened to the poor little fellow. He looks way too innocent for too many tequila shots (which I confess…I have had a few margaritas  this  wonderful July 4th weekend) Maybe he just banged his head.

Poor little guy

The second one is Midsummer Nights… a week late!


I  quite like the way the dog came out. probably my favourite thing about this picture.

I am now off to clear my house now, at my husbands insistence. We have to fill 3 black garbage bags a day this summer, while my kids are away. We are a few days behind and it’s raining so he doesn’t want to got to the beach.

I went to yoga this morning, that makes 4 times in a week! wow. Oh and I also have a Movie Review, Kind of.

I saw Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. It was very sweet and I liked it. The quickest movie review ever!!!!!

I can’t wait for next week, I want to see Horrible Bosses with Jennifer Anniston, I love her,  Jason Bateman and a while bunch of other great people…


13 Responses to “Illustration Friday – Remedy”

  1. jacqueline Says:

    Dearest sweet collette, i love your “poor little guy” illustration. He is soo adorable! Sounds like lots going on over at your side…summer cleaning, movies, yoga! 🙂 I love Jennifer Anniston too and i want to see that movie as well. Oh my, im so excited my little package arrived safe and that you adore your little purse! Thanks so much sweet friend for your love and support always.Have a lovely merry happy week sweet friend and love to you!

  2. alysse Says:

    Awwww, these are lovely. Fireflies! I woke up thinking about them this morning! Sweet. They don’t exist here and are hard to explain them to my children.

  3. spindelmaker Says:

    Aaa, they´re lovely! I do like your dog too, he´s got perfect shading wit the lavender and light yellows put up against each other.
    Late summer nights watching movies… sounds lovely! Enjoy!

  4. Patti Gay Says:

    The little chick is great.

  5. Sylvia Drown (Baxter's Mom) Says:

    Hi Collette! Love your poor little guy…and the doggie is perfect. As usual, I always love your art!

  6. eldy Says:

    These are both delightful!

  7. Ashley May Says:

    The little dog is perfect!

  8. Kayleen West - Children's Book Illustrator Says:

    It wouldn’t take much to give that little bird a hangover I would think. The dog is very cute. Glad you posted both. Better late than never.

  9. Nelly Eisenhower Says:

    Your fireflies is so lovely. I just love the innocense of the picture. Poor birdie and all those shots. At least he had some fun!

    I like your husbands idea of filling 3 bags a day. I need to take his advise.

    Have a great week!

  10. Linda Hensley Says:

    Both cute, but I especially like your little chick.

  11. robin Says:

    Hi There…these are both adorable…love the expression on his little face…Great work…!

  12. Owlsight Says:

    That “poor little guy” is awesome, I like it a ton. very cool

  13. Pbs Artstudio Says:

    Hi Collette , thanks you for your visit and sweet words, I had to come by and visit too. I love your illustrations too!!! I especially like the little chick!!! Hugs P

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