Favourite things and weekend stuff.

The boys have gone to camp. I do miss them , but my house is quiet and I know they’ll have a great time.

The last day of school when Jack took his final regents in Spanish, which he hates. He decided to come home and burn his work. He said he’s never picking up a spanish book again. So he and his friend made good use of the fire pit.

I'm not sure I should have been encouraging this

I threatened my husband and daughter that I wouldn’t  be buying food until the boys come back. They were a little horrified.  and not sure I mean it. I might. I hate shopping and hate cooking and … why can’t they fend for themselves? Jess is almost 21 and David’s a grown man!!!!! Hmmph. Why can’t they shop and cook for me… ( I know moan… moan…whine..)

I went to see the movie ‘Bad Teacher” with my husband. Jason Segel was in it  and Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. It was a great movie, but then I’m easily pleased.  It was R- rated, so beware. It was funny Cameron Diaz is awful and funny. Jason Segel was the best thing, and could have been used more. Overall it was great. I plan to see lots of movies this summer. That’s one of my favourite things to do.

Jess and I made a dirt pudding type dessert.  (Her boyfriend was coming over for a BBQ..) It’s vanilla pudding with crushed Oreos. Easy peasy we thought. But it didn’t taste right. so she googled it and the recipe said you need cool whip, butter and cream cheese. So I had to run out and get these other ingredients after we had already made it. We just added them in after… And decided not to tell!  Also crushing Oreos… not so easy.  Jasper was thrilled with the mess on the floor. Did I tell you I don’t like to cook.

I’m also planning to start Yoga and run again. Now I’ve said it out loud to you guys it might make me follow through…

This is my favorite thing right now, strawberry shortcake coffee. It’s delicious ,  I am drinking way too much of it though andI need to stock up. It’s only on sale for a limited time. I can only find it at Target, so I need to stock up. I’m  not sure why I can’t find it at Dunkin’ donuts, the store.

love this coffee....


Also look at the size of this strawberry in the next photo. It’s huge. I had a whole box of them. Yum, they were so sweet.


Jess is holding this enormous strawberry...


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5 Responses to “Favourite things and weekend stuff.”

  1. milkcan Says:

    Holy Moly! That is the biggest strawberry I’ve ever seen!

  2. spindelmaker Says:

    I´ve been reading Bill Bryson´s book “Notes from a big country” the past week, and have been thinking about you. He´s American, lived 20 years in England before returning to the States, and wrote a column for an English newspaper about the culture-shock of coming”home”. I thought you might recognise some of his experiences. It´s a funny little book, with very short chapters, and even though they aren´t all super-brilliant, I really like it. Easy summer-reading.
    And, to actually comment on this post. WOW! That is one big strawberry!!!
    Hope your summer is lovely! hugs from ´cross the ocean

  3. Alli Says:

    Oh my goodness, that is a huge strawberry! Where on earth did you find a whole box of them? so cool! 😀

  4. kerri Says:

    i love going to the movies too- it’s the one cold place! 🙂 i actually walked out of “the tree of life” the other day tho. it may have picked up, but it was so not my thing, at least for the first 25 minutes. maybe i’ll check out the cameron diaz one.

  5. jacqueline Says:

    Dearest sweet Collette, your son, Jack, is so adorable to want to burn his spanish book! I hope you sweet husband and daughter will help you with shopping. 🙂 Oh my that strawberry shortcake coffee sounds really nice…wish we had them here too and yes that is a really huge strawberry! Have a lovely merry happy weekend sweet friend! Love to you!

    ps: I hope it was my little package that arrived for you at the post office! Oh and in case you missed it at the purse listing. That adorable and meticulously crafted purse is designed for cards, paper money or your tiniest treasures and it cannot withstand heavy coins.

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