Illustration Friday- Launch

Here’s my post for IF. Look how early I am, I usually just manage to get it in by the Thursday night deadline.

I have been busy getting my boys ready for camp. They are so excited to go. They leave this  coming Saturday. But their bags were picked up Saturday just gone. It was all I could think about. My living room was cluttered with their stuff. So messy. It still is as I haven’t been motivated to really clean. But I’ll get to it….. eventually. When I get my energy back.

So this week is all about doing fun stuff and Jack taking his regents exams.

Which means I didn’t have time to make a new IF so I’m using an older painting of mine. It’s of one of my flying pigs, and it’s called

“Fly Pig Fly”.  


This was one of my first flying pigs,  and maybe my favourite..  He’s so happy, and pleased with himself. Pleased as punch, I guess you could say, that he launched himself in to the air.!!!!!!!  See that , did you see how I used launch.



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9 Responses to “Illustration Friday- Launch”

  1. Rabbit Town Animator Says:

    Great idea! Pig’s luanching themselves in the air! What a site that would be….

  2. Nancy Miller Says:

    Nice textures and color in this illustration. Pig looks so pleased!

  3. Pia Drent Says:

    Hahaha, yes I saw how you used launch! Sometimes the cleverness can be in the text not the picture, eh? 😉
    Anyway I adore the happily flying pig.

  4. spindelmaker Says:

    Cute as a button, as always! I love how you work with the color-mixing in the background!

  5. Laurel Says:

    He looks so happy! This makes me smile!

  6. Lynda Says:

    Who doesn’t love a flying pig? Great!

  7. Patti Gay Says:

    I do love a flying pig!

  8. Juli Says:

    I love flying pigs. This is wonderful 🙂

  9. Beba Says:

    Hi Collette!

    I was looking for a flying pig picture for my newest tattoo, because my mom loves pigs and I’d like to get a tattoo that reminds me of my mom in a very special way. So, looking for cute flying pigs, I found your gallery here. I really love your art, it’s so warm and beautiful! You really are a great artist!
    Please continue creating such beautiful art!

    Beba from Germany.

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