Hearts, Thunder and Dad stuff

I’m sitting here about to write this post and it’s raining buckets. Harry has a pool party tonight, so I hope it stops. Jasper is freaking out. He hates thunder and quite often starts acting weird way before  it starts. He’s my very own thunder predictor.

Rain rain go away..... come again another day....

I’m posting a few pics I have of hearts. I love to see hearts around me. I know lots of people look for hearts too. So I love to see the interesting places they’ve seen them. here a few of my latest heart captures. I’ve been thinking about hearts lately because of a workshop I’ve been doing with Christy Tomlinson called  She has Three Hearts

A concrete heart. This is what they removed when they installed my Basket Ball net on the driveway. I'm keeping it....


Here is something Harry found on a walk for me.

I think the heart goes all the way through

I’m diabetic and test my finger… a lot!

How amazing that the blood was heart-shaped. It's only happened the once.

That’s all my heart stuff for today.


As it’s father’s day Jess and I were talking about some dad sayings and she said that  2 important pieces of advise david has given her would be:

1: Don’t eat the yellow snow!  and  2: If you have to eat the crayons  the periwinkle one’s taste the best!   Hmmmm

We have lot of others. But I’m sure you guys have your own lovely dad sayings too. I’d be interested to hear them.






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3 Responses to “Hearts, Thunder and Dad stuff”

  1. Alli Says:

    Aww, I love to find hidden hearts as well 🙂 Especially in nature. I love that little heart that is on the tree 😀

  2. jasperandblue Says:

    yep maybe the blood heart is too gory. although it is vampire season. I love True Blood

  3. Curious Art Says:

    Enjoyed browsing your blog & I especially love your found hearts– the blood is completely appropriate, I think!

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