Illustration Friday- Soaked

Illustration Friday this week , is Soaked. So in keeping with my safari theme of jungle animals I decided to do an elephant this week.

I’m having fun using cool papers for the animals. I also had another one on the go, but ended up finishing this one. Maybe I’ll finish the other one soon. The scanned picture is a little darker than the original.

Illustration friday- Soaked

This one's half done.....

I have one day before I find out what the new word is…..


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6 Responses to “Illustration Friday- Soaked”

  1. spindelmaker Says:

    You have such a great line in your drawing! It seems everything you touch, turns into cute! 🙂 I want a pink-stripy elephant! Do they sell them at Harrod´s? Aren´t they supposed to sell absolutely everything in the whole world?

  2. vivyane veka Says:

    This one is very cute an funny !!!

  3. Christie Says:

    Really wonderful!!! Love your work!

  4. JoyNevada Says:

    very nice – lovely colours!

  5. jacqueline Says:

    Dearest sweet collette, your illustration always make me smile and make me happy!! I am loving your work so much! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  6. michelle Says:

    ahhhhh!!! this is so sweet! i love it!

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