Jasper and the walk

On Sunday we had a charity walk to go to.  We do it every year for my good friend  who sadly lost her son. This is to raise money for St Mary’s hospital that took such excellent care of Zachy and gave amazing support to his family.

We always take the dogs… as it’s around the racetrack at Belmont. Not actually where the horses run, but around the outside of it. We see horses working out and practicing.. I’m not sure what you call it but the final leg of the triple crown is soon , and it ‘s at Belmont.

Well,  warning …. don’t read any further if you have a weak stomach. I have 3 kids and 2 dogs… Mine’s made of steel.

Apart from that morning! I had a yoghurt and some cheese for breakfast. What’s that you say…. not a good combo!!!! maybe not. Within 10 mins I was feeling nauseous. I actually couldn’t believe it as I never feel like that. Remember stomach of steel.

Anyway, I did throw up. ( Still shocking.)  My husband said I may have a virus as I’m never sick. (I KNOW)

So we decided, even though I was beginning to feel better I’d better not risk being away from home. I felt so bad about not going.

David decided to just take Blue on the walk as she is a much better behaved dog than Jasper. She is sweet and social and loves to be out and loves the car. Jasper on the other hand is so barky. He whines the whole car ride, I don’t think he likes the car much and then will bark at everyone he sees. So a big walk for charity  with lots of people is maybe not his best place to be.

David took out Blue’s leash, we tried to be sneaky, but Jasper heard the very first jingle. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a video of what happens when jasper see’s his leash. he goes NUTS..  I’ll have to hunt it out and post it.( I think He’s cute.)

He flipped out when he realized Blue was going somewhere with out him. (He did it to himself, mind) So, feeling better I took him for a walk… He was a little crazy for at least 10 mins,  here is a very short excerpt of that, and at the end he  looks like a squirrel on speed. If you’ve ever seen  the movie “Over the fence”,    there’s a squirrel in that he always reminds me of. Speedy!!!!!!

Oh by the way I am so techi challenged sometimes… I have been trying to update the post so that the video is right way up….  Well, sorry folks, I give up….. So you watch the jasper on his side or tilt your head…… whichever you prefer.

Well, we did finally get to walk. Then feeling absolutely fine I went to a craft show and bought a venus fly trap plant…. very cool

Venus Fly Trap

I had a few phone calls from  friends making sure I was Ok… but I felt like such a fraud, because I felt fine within 10 minutes of,  how shall I say it, getting rid of the offending food. Wow the body’s efficient.


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One Response to “Jasper and the walk”

  1. Sylvia Drown Says:

    Jasper is sooo cute! Glad you’re feeling better!!!

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