Happy Mother’s Day…. to everyone!

I’d like to wish EVERYONE a Happy Mother’s Day.  Whether you are a mother or not. Chances are you nurture someone in you life… Same thing!  So relax and enjoy.

Happy Mother's Day to Everyone

I’m going to my mum- in – law’s for a BBQ with the whole family. She really is like my mother and I love her. (My own wonderful mother is only here, in my heart. I miss her and this time of year I get a bit weepy)

So this year I decided to do something just for myself first. I’m going to see the movie “Something Borrowed” with Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin. A total chick flick. (I love to see movies, they make me very happy)

I have told some friends my plans,  but this is MY plan. You know what can happen when you ask people if they want to come:

Oh well  do you want to see ” this other movie” instead.  Or

Oh can we go at “this” time. Or

Oh can we go to “this ” movie theatre. I prefer it.

Here’s what I have to say…..

“Well I love you all, but this is what I’m doing…. an 11am movie and then I’ll be back in time to get together with my family.. join me if you’d like, I’ll  enjoy your company, if not than have a wonderful Mother’s day and we’ll touch base later.”

Sorry this year I’m being selfish.

Here’s a cheeky picture I couldn’t resist posting….

I walked into the kitchen after feeding and cleaning up for 5 hungry boys… Cor, they sure can eat….and there was the cheeky Jasper, bold as anything sitting in a sun spot on the table . I actually couldn’t believe he did that. As soon as he saw me his ears went down and he started to get off. But I have to admit his cheek and little face was so darn cute I had to back up slowly and take this picture, which I promptly texted to jess and jack…  after (of course) I sternly told him , he had no business being on the kitchen table and he’d better get off or else!

Honestly to all you clean freaks out there… I really do not allow him to get on the table. That’s why it’s so funny.

Jasper Sunning Himself

Ok I’m off… Harry pulled his tooth out again…..we now have a collection of 4 teeth.  I think he’s been waiting for a few to make bank with the tooth fairy.

Everyone have a wonderful day……… xxx


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6 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day…. to everyone!”

  1. jacqueline Says:

    Dearest sweet Collette, sounds like you had a lovely mother’s day celebration!! Have alovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

  2. kerri Says:

    how was the movie? i want to see it b/c i love those chick flick movies- but the review was sooo bad in my newspaper. so….pls let me know!

    you are so lucky that you like your mother in law!!!!

  3. Sylvia Drown Says:

    I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!!!! I’m dying to see the same move…was it any good???

  4. jasperandblue Says:

    Thanks for popping by and yes I did like the movie… I’m easy though I like almost any movie. MY daughter said it was just “ok”….. she may be a better critic. she didn’t love kate hudson’s character( i don’t think you were meant to.)

  5. patti Says:

    Hi Collette, thanks for visiting me! and your encouragement!I loved the story of Jasper on the table!haha quite adorable!hope you had a wonderful Moms day!:+D

  6. alysse Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha! Very cheeky!

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