New Art Work

I’ve been busy, as I’m sure we all have. I watched the Royal Wedding. I took the day off work just to see it. It was wonderful. I love them both. It’s like a breath of fresh air to the Royals. She’s just so beautiful and elegant.

I’ve been taking a She Art class with Christy  Tomlinson. I love her, she’s so cute and her online class is great. This has also led me to the Brave Girls Club… I am quite busy right now. I should be in bed right now… yawn!!!! I will drag myself to bed in a minute. I’ll have to move Blue as she always sleeps in my spot. she won’t be happy as she thinks her rightful place is next to my husband. Jasper will snuggle up against my back or against my hubby.  He takes turns. Sweet.

A hippy girl and her dogs

     I did this in the She Art class.. but I was definitely influenced by Julie Nutting  as well.  I’m a big fan. I have learnt some great techniques in Christy”s class. I tried to add my own spin though, the dogs.

I also was inspired to paint another bike, painting. m not sure if I’ve finished yet and her’s a crow I’ve been working on…

Another bike .....

Ok I can’t get my post in order. I’m too tired to try. I have to go to bed. Its 1 am and I get up at 6….. G night.

I once saw a painting of a red crow wearing red shoes. for some reason that has always stayed with me.


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9 Responses to “New Art Work”

  1. alysse Says:

    Holy mackerel those girlz are high fashion figures! Love them. Love the poses, the colors, the dogs, and your painted /collaged papers. Really great work. 🙂

  2. alysse Says:

    Holy mackerel those girlz are high fashion figures! Love them. Love the poses, the colors, the dogs, and your painted /collaged papers. Really great work. 🙂

    PS I loved the Royal WEdding, despite all the annoying pre-hype, I had a great time watching it. They look happy and clearly took a good long time making sure this was the right decision.

    I could never keep an elegant and straight face through all of that. She must have trained in the mirror!

  3. jacqueline Says:

    Dearest sweet collette, sounds like your a busy bee. 🙂 I am loving these gorgeous new art works. I especially adore that 2nd one…that pricess with her little dog….loving her dress lots! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  4. Amy Says:

    Hello….thank you for the nice comments on my blog…..We bought a camp 2 years ago….It is at a campground called Lei is so nice there…My kids love it…They have a lake, pool, mini golf, themed weekends, cookouts, playgrounds, paddleboats, fishing, crafts..So many thiings for our family..It is a great place to just relax and hang out with the kids……I signed up for SR 2..I LOVE SR…it is awesome…I am also loving SheArt………It is such a fun class…I am taking 21 Secrets too..Are you in that one? Also a great class…..Do you like SR?

  5. kerri Says:

    i love how different the first two paintings look from the last two- and i love them all! especially the bike! 🙂 i love cruiser bikes, and i love that dog in the basket!

  6. Sylvia Drown Says:

    Hi Collette! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE adding in the doggies!

  7. Elizabeth Rose Stanton Says:

    It’s all about the red shoes 😉

  8. krista hamrick Says:

    Oh my goodness!! Your work is absolutely delightful– I LOVE the girls and their dogs!

  9. spindelmaker Says:

    Love your girls! especially the hippie-girl. She´s awesome!!!

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