Artfest Frenzy

Artfest Frenzy.


4 Responses to “Artfest Frenzy”

  1. Jacque Says:

    Well I’m not able to make it to Artfest this year, wish I was because I love your trades. I would love to know how you made those adorable dog tags. Enjoy Artfest!

  2. Sunny Says:

    Hey, Collette! Keep me a trade!! I can’t wait to see you!

  3. Sunny Says:

    I love, love, LOVE my piggie!! He’s super cute and is now overseeing my painting process from his new home above my art table. I had such a fun time meeting you. I hope your Artfest experience was fantastic and that you made it home safely. Talk to you soon. Keep in touch!

    • jasperandblue Says:

      Thanks, I had SO much fun in your class. I definitely coming to artfest next year. and I’m not sure I ever got the full story of rasberry my little sweetie doll. Unless my brain is fritzed and I don’t rememeber

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