Spring is coming and work work work.

Spring is definitely on its way. I saw snowdrops the other day ( are they a little late?) It was 70 degrees today and I couldn’t really argue with Harry about a sweatshirt, and there’s a bug flying around my kitchen. Who left the screen door open?

I have been a little busy with work (bleugh) family and trying to do some trades for Artfest. I’ve started trying to run on the treadmill AGAIN. This time I’m determined to become  runner. I am! I’m back using that wonderful 5k app on my iPhone. I’m up to week 4 . Again!

As far as art goes I can never stay on track.  I have mermaid paintings waiting and I’ve had images of crows wearing red shoes whizzing through my head, among other things So I had to start painting crows too.

I have SO many different things on the go at once, that I wonder if I’ll ever finish anything.

crow, I have to paint in the shoes

some other stuff I started first

Here you can see some work I have been working on.

But I really need to make the trades. Time’s a-running-out.

You can see a paper clay flying pig I’m experimenting with, right now too.

Really I just can’t finish anything. It’s not that I lose interest, it’s that something else fills my head and I have  to get it down.

Anyway, my son Jack’s hockey team made states, They had their first game today and won!!! Go Edge! It was a very exciting game against the Buffalo Bisons. From Buffalo of course.

They also came second in the long Island championships last week. They seem to be ending Ice hockey on a high note. Yay!

Soccer  for Harry starts this weekend , so we have those games too now. Hockey should technically be over, unless you make the finals. I think with Lacrosse having started which is very intense, He has a little overload right now and sore knee’s.

I’ll be back with more work soon.

By the way I have been catching up on all my blogs that I love to read, and finding nw art blogs. there are so many cool blog put there. I save them all on google reader. I just haven’t had much time to comment.

it's drying then I'll sand and paint


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2 Responses to “Spring is coming and work work work.”

  1. Sylvia Drown Says:

    Love your new art…crow and mermaids! But your flying pigs are still my favs! Is the clay one an ornament or wall hanging or???

  2. sonyamacdesigns Says:

    Is that a FLYn pig … I love pigs … Thanks for the comment on Laura’s Studio Story (Sunday Spaces)

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