Illustration Friday- Swarm






I’m back from Colorado…. I do have pictures honest. But I can’t post them with this post, so next one.
I found swarm to be very tough.  The obvious being bees and bears, however it wasn’t working for me. So I started messing around and came up with a mermaid ( I know quite a stretch)  then I thought of jelly fish. and I think they might swarm! So I went with that.

I actually did 2 separate water-colour pictures and then I scanned them and joined them in Photoshop added a background and faded the whole picture a bit too, with an eraser brush. Hmmm!



jellyfish swarm





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12 Responses to “Illustration Friday- Swarm”

  1. poppylocke Says:

    Gorgeous work, lovely colours and style! And I especially love the jellyfish’s wiggly tendrils 🙂

  2. Laurie Says:

    Love your whimsical mermaid and the colorful, squiggly jellyfish are delightful!

  3. JoyNevada Says:

    Love those jellyfish!

  4. MiKa Art Says:

    This is beautiful!! And thank you so much for sharing how this was made. I love seeing the working process of artwork.

  5. dosankodebbie Says:

    Swarm of jellyfish is a great idea! I love the colors you use.

  6. jasperandblue Says:

    Thank you for all the lovely comments

  7. Amalou Says:

    I love your jellyfish swarm. They look great on their own and with the mermaid.

  8. Ashley May Says:

    The step by step is so nice to see, I really like the bright jellyfish swarm!

  9. kerri Says:

    i love your mermaid! what great flow-

  10. Donna Says:

    Wow – I would never have thought to do it that way – ingenious!!! I think it’s a great take on the word swarm – absolutely! It’s summer here atm, and the jellies really are swarming too 🙂

  11. Jess Yelvington Says:

    Oh I am loving all of the illustrations! The pigs! The mermaids! What beautiful, happy fun! ❤

  12. Nelly Eisenhower Says:

    Love the interpretation of swarm. I love love love jellyfish! I saw your post on trades for Artfest. Don’t panic at all. All of your suggestions sounded great. Last year I made paper bead charms. Sadly, I don’t have a picture (I wasn’t blogging at the time.) I think that I made 125 and they were all gone by the time I left. My mom made little ATC cards and my aunt made little paper charms.

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