Illustration Friday-layer

I’m on vacation, so  I have time during the day when the boys are skiing and snowboarding. I had a lot of fun with this challenge.

Although I’m sure I’m not original with the subject of the “princess and the pea” But I’ve always loved it. So here it is…….

The Princess and the Pea.



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16 Responses to “Illustration Friday-layer”

  1. Indigene Says:

    Sweet and beautiful colors!

  2. C Brown Says:

    Love it! The colors are great!

  3. juca Says:

    It is one of my favourite tale. 🙂 I love your illustration.

  4. janie Says:


  5. nasii Says:

    Ag, this is too Cute 🙂

  6. tamaracampeau Says:

    sweet colours !!

  7. marianne@ruffhaven Says:

    This is so sweet. I love the colors and the princess is adorable.
    I’ve been reading your blog but not commenting. sorry. Just wanted you to know I am still one of your biggest fans

  8. theartofpuro Says:


  9. Melissa Liban Says:

    This is so adorable!

  10. Hannah Sommerville Says:

    So pretty. I love the colours you’ve used 🙂

  11. fortyfourhat Says:

    Very very lovely ><
    perfect !

  12. jennifer Says:

    I love all the patterns in the mattresses!!

  13. Bella Sinclair Says:

    Ah! I LOVE the Princess and the Pea! And I love that you connected it to Layers! She is so adorable with her little bunny- er, princess – doll. And the patterns on the mattresses are so fun and pretty!

  14. Afi Says:

    So sweet! Love all the patterns and delicate colors 🙂

  15. melissa mackie Says:

    Lovely, the patterns are great.

  16. Frankenbarry Says:

    Awesome Illustration! Nice take on the prompt, and the story! Sounds like you enjoyed your stay in CO… it’s a nice place to visit, and living here ain’t so bad either. Those are some cool dogs, too! Terriers rule! I’ve got a Cairn… she’s currently in the yard pursuing here nemesis – the squirrels.

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