Colorado Snow

I’m in snowy Colorado, right now. My husband and kids are skiing and snowboarding everyday at Beaver Creek. It’s beautiful here.

I don’t even mind the snow. It seems different somehow, to the awful snow which turned to ice that I just left behind in New York.

I took an art class today with water-soluble oils. The first time I ever used them. It was fun.  I took the class at the Alpine Arts center in Edwards and the instructor was a lovely  artist called Amy Evans. It won’t be dry when i take it home on the plane.

Hmmm I’m thinking Pizza box and duct tape!

I think it's the angle, but I 'm sure the arm didn't look as long when i painted it

My friend is trying to drag me to the gym … Hmm I don’t have work out gear or sneakers. I would have to buy them. But more to the point I have a lot of trouble breathing here. I may settle for a nice anti-aerobic  movie instead.

I also bought today 2 wonderful cups. I love drinking tea and these would be perfect.


zebra cup, but it has a surprise inside...


Surprise! A tiny zebra inside...

So cute… I love drinking tea from it. Harry loves it too. My husband found it a little disturbing.

So no gym…. I’ve decided  I’m going to see “The kings Speech” today  instead and I have a massage tomorrow. I’m having a great vacation. I’m also working on my illustration for IF.

There are so many galleries and sculptures around, I find it very inspiring here. I’ll post some photos of the beautiful scenery here tomorrow.




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2 Responses to “Colorado Snow”

  1. Donna Says:

    Hey Collette! Oh how I wish I could trade you” snow for sun?! I’m completely done with this heat and would love a snow angel right about now! Love that mermaid too – will you be making more originals for your shop? Happy holidays, X Donna

  2. jasperandblue Says:

    I know the grass is always greener!!!!!

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