Snow and an iPhone miracle

My kids had a snow day on Wednesday, much excitement. Sledding was the big activity. So much fun. I had the day off work too. Yay!

Snowy Swings

Jasper doesn’t love the snow too much. But neither would I if my belly touched it, I think. Blue likes the snow Much more. She loves to run in it.

I’ve been busy on my ATC cards for Artfest, I had to make 28. I’ve finished them. When I scan them in I’ll post some of them. I have a hard time committing so they’re all different. I know, I made SO much work for myself.

I also have about 38  4 by 4  Fatbook pages to do.  Of course I haven’t been able to come up with just one design for that either.  So I decided a lot of my Post it doodles that I do at work ( Sorry Boss)  when I’m calling insurance companies will be turned into Fatbook pages. I have so many  because I save them all, then ink them when I get home and colour them. I really have started to enjoyed them. They are like mini-artworks.  I’ll post them soon too. I did however come up with a brilliant idea the other day whilst making my 10th cup of tea that day. Each teabag comes in its own wrapped packet. So I decided to make little envelopes and put them on all the backs of the fatbook pages ( that’s my embellishment, because I’m rubbish at that. ) and slip a wrapped teabag in each one. yay! I think it will tie all the different pages together.

pretty envelopes 3 by 3. The inside of each flap is different

Inside flaps

So I feel good that I’m on track. The deadlines are feb 11th and 15th, I think  I should check just to be sure.


Yesterday  somehow, because I’m stupid,  I let my beloved  iPhone sit in an inch of water…. I put it in the inside door handle , where snow must have fallen in and melted.  When I realized ( yes there was cursing) I kept shaking it on my leg and saw  really wet patches on my jeans… Great.

Then I remembered I had just read something about saving your phone if it got wet by putting it in a ziplock bag with those little silica packets. The ones you get in bags etc . Well I knew I had none a home, because guess what? I throw them away. As most of you do. WELL DON’T from now on.

So i took a detour to TJ max on the way home, after turning my phone off. AT TJmax I rifled the bag section and found a few silica packs and well I pinched them. I was going to buy a bag (Honest) but the only one I liked was $50.00 and almost the same as the black one I was carrying. Which by the way had come from TJmax. So I didn’t feel that horrible. I went home with my  pilfered silica packets; all 3 of them, feeling like a criminal, kinda.

Put my phone in a ziplock with said silica for several hours and … Voila. It’s really just fine. I can’t believe it.

Whoo Hoo I just might go back and buy that bag after all.

Here are some cute pics and I’m off to scan my ATC cards.

Sleeping Beauty

2 Sleeping Boys.


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