Taking the Day Off

Well, My husband and 2 boys decided to go skiing today. They had to leave at 4.30am ( I was in bed still….. Zzzzz) If you ask me that’s dedication. They took a coach bus, so he wouldn’t have to drive. I helped get the iPods and snacks ready the night before.

They went to Mount Snow In Vermont. It’s about a 4 hour drive by car, so at least my husband gets to relax on the road. Harry wasn’t too keen on the long drive, but agreed to go if he could have waffles from his favourite waffle place there, on the mountain.

Jess was working so I had the whole day planned. I was going to see a movie; “Season of the Witch” with Nicolas Cage. Nobody wants to see it, so I was excited to see a 10.30 am showing by myself. I love that, it’s such a treat.

I wasn’t going to let anyone know I was alone, because then they’ll think I need company. (I don’t)

I had Fatbook pages and ATC cards to make. ( didn’t do those) errands to run; food and Dick Blick’s art store. ( I did that and bought way more stuff than I meant to) I love that place, it’s a little piece of heaven. And I went to A.C Moore for black cardstock.(bought way more stuff than I meant to.) I was going to make Fatbook pages out of cardboard and pull off the top layer so you could see the corrugated bits, but that’s not working.

I also wrapped up the Christmas decorations that have been laying delicately on my 12 pack of bounty paper towel, while I walked by them everyday.

I know I could have been so much more productive with my day, but eh!

I have been working on some more artwork, and I actually sent some files to be printed rather than try to print it out myself. My computer doesn’t match the colours on my printer, so frustrating! Plus, let’s be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Here is a very handy printing tutorial I found by Shonna on “Twisted Figures” blog. Check it out.


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2 Responses to “Taking the Day Off”

  1. Sylvia Drown Says:

    Love your latest duckies, so cute!!! I also struggle with my computer colors not matching my printer colors…who do you send out to??

  2. Shonna Says:

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog and the link. I really like I printfromhome.com and I hope you have success using them. 🙂

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