New Art

Here are some little doodles that become something… The duck was originally drawn on a post it and the fairy too.  I coloured  them using markers and pencils and then scanned and did a little adding in photo shop… I like it.

I added the flowers with Photoshop

the first one

FLowers added with Photoshop

The moose was a Christmas card I made for someone. I though I’d share. I think it could be brighter  though.

A Christmas Card I made

I made healthy peanut butter cups today. Here’s how;

Melt coconut oil and mix in cocoa powder. Add sweetener. I added stevia. Pour  a layer into muffin cups. freeze.

Add a layer of organic healthy peanut butter and pour more of the coconut, cocoa powder mix over the top. Freeze.

Then enjoy. I think they are … not quite delicious, but ok. I haven’t had chocolate for a while, what with my diet and all.  Jess got all excited when she saw them. Then asked if it was that healthy crap! I convinced her to try one. She promptly gagged. Then stuffed a cookie in her mouth( not healthy crap ) She’s so dramatic.

I’m off to Acapulco, Mexico, bright and early Wednesday morning. I’m all packed , well mostly. Jess is still packing and Its midnight. well, actually she just started doing laundry.

I”m off to finish up and hopefully not have to pull an all nighter as my husband calls it …..


5 Responses to “New Art”

  1. Sylvia Drown Says:

    Love the idea of scanning art, then playing with it in Photoshop!!! Have a wonderful, WARM time in Acapulco!!!!!

  2. Tweets that mention New Art « Jasperandblue -- Says:

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  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi Collete, I came here through Baxter Mom. So glad I can see your wonderful cards. You are such an expert in photoshop. I am learning one tiny step at a time. I love the duck, it is so adorable. Keep enjoying the ride and the Holidays!

  4. Sonya McCllough Says:

    the yellow of this little duckie, really draws me IN.

  5. kerri Says:

    i love how the stars hanging off his antlers GLOW!
    those are all beautiful- so talented!!

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