Wow I was gone for SO long.

I have been AWOL for such a long time. It’s ridiculous. I don’t know why or what I was even doing. Well, lets see.

  • I gained about 12 lbs, stupid thyroid.
  • I finally bought a wedding ring, I lost the last one, I didn’t  tell my husband and it took him a year to notice. I should have told him I just never found the right time. Anyway I found a beautiful simple band with tiny diamonds on it  so it’s all good now.
  • I have been doing art. My collection of post it doodles has grown immensely. I’m thinking of turning them into my Artfest ATC cards. ( I need 30)  I haven’t found a design for the fat book pages yet. I need 52. Yikes. I can’t commit to a single design and can’t think how to incorporate the art fest theme, ( I know waahh waahh)
  • Soccer’s over, Hockey is still on. Jack’s team made it to States. YAY… Go Edge !!

Harry’s playing Basketball. He loves it.

  • We put up out Christmas tree… and the  Disney mono rail that goes around it.

Here Harry has lined up his favourite decorations, So cute.

  • I read  ALL 7 books of the Outlander Series. Phew! Now I can get back to my life.
  • I’m on a diet called the HCG diet. It worked for me last time and seems to be this time, I’m down 5 lbs, so here’s hoping! I go to mexico on the 22nd. and I still need to lose some weight.
  • I shipped off all my present’s to England…. hope they make it by Christmas.
  • I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to get back to the blogging world. I’ve missed reading all of my favourite blogs too. I have lots to catch up on. I used to make posts on my blackberry. Now I have the iphone, It’s not as easy to type, and my spell check corrects everything I write to ridiculous things.
  • I’ll post some Artwork next blog. It will not be so long …. honestly.

Jasper just chilling'. So cute.


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2 Responses to “Wow I was gone for SO long.”

  1. Sylvia Drown Says:

    So glad you’re back!!!

  2. jasperandblue Says:

    thanks, sweet!

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