Another week goes by, Bad day for the ref.

We had a very strange soccer game the past weekend. We have a coach who’s passionate about soccer , shall we say. He’s often in trouble with the ref. But this time I’m not even sure it was totally his fault.

He was yelling at the ref , the ref flashed  him the yellow card, and said something to the tune of , “One more word!!!”

At that coach smiled and the ref lost it. Maybe there was something sinister or sarcastic in that smile , I’m not sure. he gave the Coach a Red card and told him to leave, But then he’s throwing yellow cards around with abandon ; to the kids for questioning him. 3 kids to be precise, including Harry!!

He has already kicked off and replaced our linesman because he held the flag the wrong way.  As parents we are unaware of all that is going on except for a long delay. The coach does the walk of shame, and we wait.  One of the parent’s yells ( I know he shouldn’t have. He know’s he shouldn’t have) something about getting on with the game. As the ref turns and kicks him off the field too. As parents we are SO confused, well I am. Now we are watching both coach and parent leave the field. The ref is yelling something at the rest of us. ( I swear we are all confused and certainly not yelling back) Apparently he was yelling for us all to leave. Which we didn’t hear, the field is very large now the kids have turned 11 and he was far away. we are all looking to each other with confused looks, saying,”What’s going on,” What did he say.”

Well obviously the Ref was having a bad day, and he called the game because the parents, yes parent’s…. didn’t leave the field.

We have had games where our Coach was a Lunatic and as parents we have been embarrassed or laughed. But we don’t really have badly behaved parents. Now when my boys play hockey that’s a different story. Hockey parent’s are nuts.

I thought this video was short and so cute and funny… check it out . Oh Beyonce what have you done!!!!


Also to end on some of the pictures  that been swirling in my brain. I have SO many unfinished paintings. Then I get wisps of ideas and then move on leaving paintings and start something new. Sigh I need to focus, but that’s terribly boring. I am experimenting with chalk, India ink, water-colour crayons and pencils. I want a chalky type look. I can;t seem to stop drawing theses pesky characters. Pig of course is a flying pig, because anything is possible and he needed a friend.  They seem to have SO much to do… I mentioned before I have to make 52 4x fat book pages. My problem is I’m not very good at making them fat. I don’t like them much once I’ve embellished them . These 2 I haven’t embellished yet. Although I did use some moulding paste through a stencil in the red page.


Some Post it note characters and 2 4x4 fatbook pages.

Duck and Pig. They seem to be getting up to all manner of things and I just have to draw them.



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2 Responses to “Another week goes by, Bad day for the ref.”

  1. Sunny Carvalho Says:

    Hi, Cassie! Interesting that your name is the same as my Cassy!! I loved your pigs and ducks.

    Interesting post about the soccer game. My girls have been playing for 18 seasons now and my husband is a ref! It sounds like that guy just lost his mind!!! Sheesh!

    Thanks for the post on my blog. I appreciate you!

  2. Nelly Eisenhower Says:

    Oh my goodness. I have never heard of an entire game being called because of the parents! I am sure that ref will have some explaining to do to the league.

    Can I ask, are those pages for artfest? I was wondering if I would actually get to meet you in person?

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