Time flies and Flying Pigs..

Yet again another week, has gone by. I am on the next Gabaldon book; The Fiery Cross, but that doesn’t help blogging. I like to blog at least twice a week. If I’m organized with my time that is.

Lets see, this week I have been doing art at least, not just reading. My poor kindle, it’s needed lots of charging.

I’ve finished some mermaids I made for a an ATC swap. My favourite one I can ‘t find. Maybe it hiding so I can’t send it. They went out today… So when I do find it , It will have to stay with me. I’ll post it when I find the wee bugger!

I made these for a mermaid swap..


I signed up for making a fat book and ATC cards for Artfest. I found out I have to make 52 4×4 pages !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I’m not sure how many ATC cards (almost as many I think.) It’s a little ambitious, especially for someone with my inclination toward procrastination… but I think I can do it. Well I have to do it.  I took 2 of  the ATC  mermaids and tweaked them in Photoshop.

Maybe I should have covered the boobies....


Down below you”ll see a little flying birthday pig I made for a friend. I love flying pigs, I always have done. I can’t figure out how to bring the pig picture to this part of the post, so you’ll find him at  the end of the post.

I do love flying pigs... they make me think anything's possible.



As I was drawing the wee fellow ……All sorts of flying pigs were running amuck in my imagination…. doing all manner of things. Such fun. Be prepared to see more on these pages.

Well that’s the quick post, just to show you I haven’ t been idle or just reading obsessed……


8 Responses to “Time flies and Flying Pigs..”

  1. Sylvia Drown Says:

    I love flying pigs, too! I have a flying pig on my coffee table in our family room! I really love your art…and I want to thank you for visiting my blog!!!


  2. linda stuelke Says:

    I also love flying pigs. Have made several and own several more! Thanks for the LOL on the mermaids boobies!

  3. Nelly Eisenhower Says:

    These mermaids are beautiful! I am in the same ATC and Fatbook swaps for Artfest. It does sound overwhelming, but I did them last year and it was not as bad as anticipated.

    • jasperandblue Says:

      Ooo I can’t wait to meet face to face. I can’t seem to fund out if theres a theme yet

      • Nelly Eisenhower Says:

        Isn’t that fun when you meet people that you have been “talking” to on the web in person.

        I think the theme is “Nourishing the Creative Soul” which is the theme for this years ArtFest. It is really broad, so I am not sure what I will be doing.

  4. BlogSoupDiva Says:

    Hi there. I just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment on my blog during the Practical Magic Blog Party even though I was in the process of moving.

    I LOVE the flying pig! How cool is that!!!


  5. Tonya Ashe Says:

    These are all great!
    Blessings, peace, and love to you and yours,
    ~Tonya 🙂

  6. Jane Says:

    I just adore your mermaids! Their tails! Mermalicious….

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