Reading, Prize Draw and Weight Gain, Bluegh!

Firstly I have been somewhat absent from my blog. Why? well Life and blah blah blah.

Although really, I blame the book series “Outlander”by Diana Gabaldon. I am on book 4. I believe this book has 800 pages. My mother-in-law ( lets call her mum, she pretty much is and it’s shorter) who is entirely hooked, dragged me to  book signing last week( dragged, who am I kidding)


the first book


Diana Gabaldon was perfectly wonderful. Friendly and very funny in person. My mom had threatened to tell her  she wasn’t thrilled with the ending of book 7 and hoped it wasn’t the last. To which the  Diana Gabaldon said of course she was writing an 8th, but was slowed down by book tours. To which she announced it may be out in 2012. My mother  nearly fell off her chair with the thought of having to wait so long. I did however manage to stop her complaining too loudly.

I find myself talking with a wee Scottish burr.  So engaging are these books…

I have also gained at least 10 pounds and I can’t blame the books for that. Just me . I’d better work verra hard at losing it.  I have been ignoring the creeping signs at my own  peril!

Right and as for the winner of my Midnight Margarita painting, which took me forever to do the drawing… Can I blame the books for that one?

Midnight Margaritas Giveaway...



So I wrote everyone’s name on a sticky note…

( One of my favourite things, they are so handy) then after putting on my beloved kindle I asked my son to pick a winner and he insisted they were all put in his Michigan football Helmet.


Harry Picks a Winner

My beloved kindle... I have the whole "Outlander" series on this, no weight. It's a beautiful thing



The Winner is: Drrrumm Rroll!!!!!!!!!

Valerie Hart….. Yay Woot ! Woot!

Well Valerie, I’ll be contacting you for contact details …..


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3 Responses to “Reading, Prize Draw and Weight Gain, Bluegh!”

  1. Linda Robison Says:

    First let me say Congrats to our own Valerie Hart – yay!! When I saw this post I got so excited that you are reading Diana Gabaldon!!!!!! I don’t know anyone else that read her – I’ve told countless friends, coworkers and family about the books to no avail. Aren’t they amazing??? I must admit life got in the way and I quit somewhere like book 4 or 5. I too started reading, thinking and talking with an accent. Can’t you just hear Jaime speaking??? The best books I have ever read about love, magic and family. Must have been exciting meeting her and I got a kick out of your mom 😉 Also just started watching classes with Suzi Blu but unlike you never had much experience or talent LOL…lots of info and learning but I’m excited about finding my own “girls” out of the experience. Love your work, thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  2. Valerie Hart Says:

    Yay! I won the Midnight Margarita painting! Woot, woot! Thank you so much! I’ll send my address info to you. And thanks for the info on this author… I am not familiar with her but find myself reading more… shows on tv…ugh. I took Suzi Blu’s goddess class last year! It is a good way to start with faces and another great community, though I didn’t participate like I did in Kelly Rae’s class. I think I was still unsure of the whole art, blog, community… I’m over that now! I just found this Willowing thing too! Her name is Tam and the class that starts tomorrow is free. Did you see my link on FB? Happy October! Thanks again! xoxo Valerie

  3. kerri Says:

    i’ve not heard of the “outlander” books- i’m so glad u and ur “mum” got to go to the author talk- how cool to get to hear her. and i’m glad your mum was able to contain herself about having to wait so long for the next book. i’ll have to check into these at amazon and see if i might want to read them too!

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