Suzi Blu Art

One of the things I am probably most happiest about discovering on the web was Suzi Blu, amongst many other things of course.  Let me explain…….. I like to draw.  I always have done and I was always partial  to doodling pretty girls faces.  This has probably been for as long as I remember. Often when I’m on a long and tedious phone call  ( like to an insurance company at work)  I draw pretty girls.  Sometimes you can tell how the phone call is going by the faces I draw. sometimes cute, cute ugly and even a few just ugly ones. Most of them at work are on post it notes.

ugly girls lacking hair...

Post it girls... apart from the bottom 2

I’ve even kept a few and tried to paint them for ATC cards. or just because. I’ve been using watercolour pencils…  Either way it’s relaxing to me. Even during TV shows. Most of the time it’s just a drawing and forgotten about. Ah, and here  is where we get to the Suzi bit.

Since I have taken a few of her classes, I have talked about her in previous blog posts. Sometimes I feel that those girls can become something else or not, but it’s so much fun. I’ve also just bought a wood burning tool  and I am drawing said pretty girls on wood. So much fun But it may have set off my carbon dioxide alarm.Weird!

Suzi has taught me all sorts of new techniques…melting wax, prisma pencils, and lining up eyes and mouths. I’ve learned  that the drawings don’t need to be discarded. and to just experiment. Not to worry about being judged. ( I’m sure there are many people who think…. “What the heck is she drawing and why.” “What’s  the point..”

Well, thank you Suzi!! I am currently taking her Mermaid Course. I love me some Mermaids. I have however been racing ahead, but the beauty is I get to keep her video classes forever. and she’s funny to boot.

Also check out her web site for a Butterfly Project that lots of people are involved in.

Or Two Dress Studio. They are also involved and will take photos of all the butterflies they receive before they send it off to the exhibition for 1.5 million handmade butterflies for  the 1,500,000 innocent children lost in the Holocaust. In 2013 there will be  an amazing exhibition of all these butterflies.


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6 Responses to “Suzi Blu Art”

  1. juliehaymakerthompson Says:

    keep drwing thos girls!!! Love the butterfly idea cause I think those children turned into butterfy angels .

  2. kerri Says:

    very cute girls- i doodle when i’m on a boring phone call too, but my dooding sadly looks nothing like yours!!

  3. julie Says:

    I used to doodle faces during meetings at work…probably not a good thing. But all those years of practice have paid off! I too doodle on the phone. It’s amazing what we can come up with when we’re not trying, isn’t it? Love your faces!

  4. Carrie Schmitt Says:

    You have me sold on taking a Suzi Blu class. Mermaids! I’d love to do that! I think your drawings are wonderful, and I love that you practice while on the phone at work! That’s awesome:)

  5. Flor Says:

    I like Suzi too… I took one of her classes and she is really a great and fun teacher!

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