Tornadoes and Art

We had another bad storm in our area a few days ago.  My friend lost electricity again. For 2 not 4 days this time.  This time we were not the centre if the storm. It was Queens and Brooklyn NY that took the brunt of it. 2 tornadoes and a microburst. We just seemed to have the outer vibrations of it… But yet again trees and power lines  were down, roads were blocked and there was devastation.

It started to rain and we were warned a storm was on its way.  Harry was outside kicking his soccer ball while he waited for  hockey practice. I had told him to come in to come in 3 times. It started to rain harder, Harry was ignoring me!

All of a sudden I heard  my husband  running in the room yelling  about lightning. We both yelled at Harry to come in. Harry got MAD. We told him he could have been struck by lightning and he yelled at us that he was too short to get hit. Well, I tried not to laugh!

At least this time we were all home and not like the last time my son was caught right in the middle of it. Luckily he was unharmed just freaked out and wet.

It was also a very bad day for jasper. He’s terrified of storms. He had a seizure that morning, poor baby. Then the storm hit. Jack carried him in and asked if he was having another seizure as he was shaking so much.. poor baby. Even blue was a little worried by the storm and sat next to my feet… aw!

It’s a little scary  to see this scary weather. Especially when you’ve never had it before. When My daughter was in her first year at Indiana (Go Hoosiers!) They were often given tornado warnings. She said  the Mid West Kids went about their business and the East Coast kids ran around panicking like headless chickens when they first got there. Well the East Coast kids are a little more prepared now I think.

I’ve decided I rally must do something about setting up my Etsy shop. It’s there in name, I just can’t seem to move any further forward. I’m stuck. Also that annoying voice in my head is telling me mean things. Mean I tell you!

Even if I never sell anything ( that’s a hard word to say…. Sell ) then so what!

Anyway, I’m painting for fun. I still have that commission of dogs to do…  I bought myself more time and have no idea why I can’t start it. But this is what I’ve been playing with instead.

Work in Progress : Hmm don't love the hair but I like the octopus so far!

work in progress: Another mermaid and octopus

I can’t seem to put tops on my mermaids….  My boys ask me why I’m not covering up their boobies! I don’t know why!

having fun in my art journal...


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2 Responses to “Tornadoes and Art”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Collete, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and comment. So sorry for those storms. I live in Puerto Rico, a very bad area for storms but we haven’t being hit this year, but as always we receive a lot of rain.

    You will love that cake recipe!

  2. Ivy Says:

    great artwork in your sketches! ♥

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